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3 Big Mistakes That Artists Make

November 8, 2010

The below suggestions have probably appeared on Grassrootsy in various posts, but last week I thought I’d loosely keep tabs on artist emails and FB messages and tweets  just to see what people are still doing these days.  Here are a few…

1. Falling off the map
What!?  Who are you?  Oh…I almost forgot because I haven’t heard from you in 3 months!  This might be a pet peeve of mine.  Don’t send your fans an email every 3 months and expect them to remember who you are. In the age of over-saturation, you’ll have a much greater shelf-life if you communicate too often as opposed to not enough. Falling off the map after having a successful run is like going 3 steps forward and 2 steps back. Granted, everyone needs a break at some point. But occasionally touch base with your fans to remind them you still exist. See: Setting the Record Straight: Reminding People You Still Exist for more thoughts on the matter.

2. Launch a website with nothing on it.
This is aonther personal pet peeve of mine.  If you want people to be interested in your music, don’t send them a Facebook invite to your band’s page if there’s no music on it. Duh. And don’t send people a link to your new website if it’s completely blank. What is it you want them to see when they get there?

This is also equivalent to inviting your friends to an event via Facebook. Let’s say you want your friends to come see you and “John Doe” perform at club “XYZ”.  Make sure the Facebook invite has links to both your websites.  That way, folks can actually check out your music and make an informed decision about attending the show. An informed fan is an involved one. People will eat the information you give them so make sure you give them something worth digesting. See: Perception is Reality for more on this.

2. No email address?
Yea, you probably have one but if you don’t put it on your website, no one would ever know!  Have you noticed that you can’t  send messages to the administrator of a Facebook Page. Annoying. So if you don’t have your email address in the “Info” section (or better yet, in the information box on the home page), how can anyone reach you? Some things aren’t meant for the Facebook wall.

And, believe it or not, folks still use MySpace to check out new artists.  But at this point, you should know you can’t email someone on MySpace unless you have an account…and people aren’t really creating MS accounts these days.  SO if you don’t have your email address in a very visible location, you’re potentially missing out on bookings…etc.

Even worse is having a website with no email address on the contact page. Contact forms are great, but an email address will travel further, faster.

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FAQ’s and Recapping the Last Two Months of Blogs

January 14, 2009


Kenna "Make Sure They See My Face"

Kenna "Make Sure They See My Face"


I thought I would write this blog b/c I’ve gotten a handful of the same emails from different people in the last few weeks.  People asking the same questions.  Thank goodness for copy/past and hyperlinks.

Here are some popular questions, short responses, and links to more details answers.  The questions are all relatively similar.

1.)  “Question… i’m really trying to find places to play here in town. but it’s quite difficult. Could you please name some places where you feel that me and my boys could get some action??” 
Basically if you are looking for places to play…my best reccommendation is reading the City Paper every week and becoming more and more aware of the venues that have live music. Visit their websites and email them or call them to get more details on how to book a show.  More: Stay Informed: Read, Watch, Go, Listen 

2.)  How can I figure out what some of the popular venues are in my city?
Refer to comment #1. Also visit local artist websites and myspaces.  See where they are playing…then copy them and try to book at those same places.  More: Mimick  the Artists You

3.) I am really interested in getting out and playing in public and getting some exposure but I am just not really sure how to go about getting shows booked and everything. Was there something you did when you started out that might help me? I’d love to open for people or do whatever it takes.
In any stardard-sized city there are tons of coffeespots/bars/venues that welcome music and don’t ask you to sell tickets (blah).  Call these venues to learn about their booking process, book yourself, and played out as often as possible.  Hit up the Open Mics in in your area regularly to network with musicians and split shows. More: Helping Yourself #3

4.) Where did you go to get your CD Packaged?
The two most popular duplication and packaging companies for independent artists are Discmakers and Oasis. And they are awesome.  They offer great rates (in my opinion) for independent artist.  They also handle digital distribution of your music…i.e. iTunes, Napster, Amazon, PayPlay…etc. I have a very strong feeling that trying to get your music on iTunes without the help of a larger entity is a next-to-impossible undertaking.  More: Take Advantage of the Holiday…

5.) So I need to do something musical. I don’t know what but something. Thing is I suck. Want to make some noise? Let me know what you want to do, I can pretty much suck at guitar, bass, drums or even vocals.
Ummm?  No comment.


 The most important post so far…I think…is Perception is Reality
And the first thing that comes to mind is Kenna’s latest CD
“Make Sure They See My Face”


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