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Pretty Soon It’ll be Second Nature

October 18, 2010


Here’s a short one for ya today…

Often when the season changes I feel obligated to make life changes – do things differently, like clean my apartment, among many other thing.  This fall, I began working out,  hanging up my clothes intead of throwing them on the floor, spending less time online,  and taking more time to read. It’s been a refreshing change and it’s also a pretty great routine that’s become hard to shake now that my schedule is used to it.

As I was power-walking (if you really wanna call it that) last night, I realized that there are alot of things in life that we don’t do even though we know we should. If people ate well and stayed consistently active, shows like The Biggest Loser wouldn’t exist. If we did little things to keep our apartments clean on a daily basis, we wouldnt have to do a major clean sweep before guests come over for special occasions.  So…

1. Spend 30-60 minutes looking for gigs each day

2. Post content on your Facebook page at least 2x a day – video from one of your shows, status update(s), details about an upcoming show…etc

3. Listen and learn from others. Music Business Radio is always great…especially a recent interview with Sara Bareille s on how she made it big.

4. Make sure your website has at least one new update per week.

5.  Do it even if you don’t want to. Pretty soon it’ll be harder not to.

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Helping Yourself #1

December 29, 2008
dirty busker

dirty busker


So Derek Sivers wrote a blog roughly two weeks ago about the fact this pushing your music is completely up to you. His blog was called Nobody’s Going to Help You.  Does that encourage you or discourage you?  As we’ve all probablyalready experienced, being a serious musician is very lonely b/c most people don’t take you as serious as you take yourself.  For example:

***you’re asked to play at a bar, but they hide you in the back corner during your set. 
***no returned phone calls or emails
***or when you tell me that you’re a musician, they nodd approvingly but you can see they think of you as the stinky busker on the corner of 5th Ave in Downtown.

So here are a couple responses to Derek Sivers posts from fellow readers.  Here is what they said and here is what you can do to improve your situation.  (make sure you read Sivers’ post so you know what  everyone’s talking about below)


Response # 6,317 by Natalie

  • “This does not mean you are alone in the game, but it means you have to orchestrate everything. You can still delegate work to those you pay or have volunteers do stuff for you, but ultimately no “Investor Angel” is gonna swoop down and save you. You have to PROVE yourself.  Musicians who think…” [read full response] 

So have you PROVED yourself?  When people think of you and your music, do they see you as a serious songwriter.  Do they see you as the guy in the back of the bar? Or do they see you as “FirstName LastName” who is working hard and trying to get somewhere with what they do.  If you don’t have any goals with your music, then why are you doing it?  Its ok to play music just for the fun of it.  That’s obviously where the passion starts.  But if you want to make a living, you need to treat music like a business  – have goals.  Don’t just wing it.  When you take yourself seriously, other people will too.

By the way, Natalie also happens to have a great blog called Music Business 101
By the way (again), try busking.  It’s fun!



This is a short post of a 3-part blog called “Helping Yourself”.  Check back on Wed and Thursday for the other installments.

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