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5 Things I Learned from “The Social Network”

October 4, 2010

Have you seen it yet? If not, you should definitely go check it out. Being a social network enthusiast, this movies wasn’t just entertainment for me. It was sort of like a lecture. I could probably write-off the ticket stub on my taxes. *chuckle* (that’s not a joke…but maybe it is)

1. There’s no point in creating something that already exists. The Social Network is the story of one (or two) very messy lawsuits. One person claimed he invented Facebook, three others claimed they had the idea first. Once Facebook was out in the public, the need for another Facebook-like network was obsolete. Completely unnecessary. You’ll hear/see/feel the anger in these guys over the anguish of losing control over their idea because someone else beat them to the punchline. If what you want to do already exists, be creative and do things differently. No one wants two of the same things if they can have two different things.

2. “It won’t be finished…the way fashion is never finished.”
I can’t remember whose line this was in the movie, but its pretty genius. Yea, in reality FB may die someday (just like Myspace has deteriorated). But the idea is to create something that is always evolving – not toward an end, but toward a new look. It’s actually the story of life. You set a goal. You reach the goal. Then you set a new goal. It’s never really finished. Make this your goal – to always be evolving, to always be growing, changing, innovating. Just like fashion.

3. “”A million dollars isnt cool. You know what’s cool? A billion dollars”
Dream Big. This movie is all about dreaming big, expanding, and doing things that have never been done. If you’ve got an idea, one-up yourself and think of the next bigger idea.

4. Choose your partners wisely.
This one’s for the bands out there. Yea…trying to make 4 people happy is hard, but if you’re not on the same page about the most practical things, you’ll fall apart. This is why the turnover rate for bands is so high. Read one of Grassrootsy’s older blogs: Starting a Band? Here Are a Few Things You Should Do

5. Be strategic
If you watch the movie, you’ll see that Facebook gets its start at Harvard and then slowly expands to the colleges in close proximity to Harvard. The reasoning behind this (according to the actor who plays Facebook’s founder) is that students visiting their friends at other schools would see them on FB and join, resulting in a major “buzz” effect in a concentrated area. Genius. A form of word-of-mouth by association. Make sure you have a game plan because it will help to guide your growth.

If you saw the movie, comment below and let Grassrootsy readings know if you picked up on anything worth sharing.

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Stand-out Artists and What We Can Learn from Them #1

January 28, 2009
B. Reith

B. Reith

This post  probably isnt anything new in relation to other posts on this blog.  But here’s a spotlight of some artists you may/may not have heard of who are doing some interesting things to make a  name for themselves.   I think the best way to get better at what you do, is by surrounding yourself with people who do it better.  And if you don’t know them personally, well…go to their websites and read up.  Hopefully you find some of the following  ideas useful.

Artist #1:  B.Reith

B.Reith. Think the clever lyrics of Eminem mixed with the smooth voice of Justin Timberlake and the occasional Fender Rhodes/horn combo for a pseudo jazzy undertone.  B.Reith is my hero because he’s versatile.  While I would never ever encourage an artist to create music solely for the audience, I think its great to have variety of music in your performances.  I’m not suggesting that you go out and learn a whole new genre of music. I’m suggesting you work in an occasional mellow song if you’re a hard rock band.  Or consider crowd participation once in a while. Or how about this…set aside your electric guitar for two songs and remind people that you play the piano. I dunno…just some suggestions.  Keep your audience interested and make them realize that there are many dimensions to your music.

Theresa Andersson

Theresa Andersson

Artist #2: Theresa Andersson

I’ve only known about  Theresa Andersson for two weeks but I’ve become a super huge fan!  Anderson has gained a reputation as being The One Woman Wonder according to NPR.  The thing that stands about Anderson is that she has developed a trademark for herself.  People know her as the person who can play every instrument and create a full sound on stage all by herself and with the help of a loop machine.   You have to watch this video to see what I mean.

Consider having a trademark…Maybe its an awkward thing you do on stage.  Maybe it could be the fact that you play with your feet propped up on a card table like you’re in your living room.  Or maybe it could be that you always wear a different hat to each show.  Cameron Blake uses a real typewriter as one of his instruments. That’s an awesome idea.  Have something that sets you apart for other artists and I guarantee that will become a major part of how your fans view you.

Joel Lindsey

Joel Lindsey

Artist #3: Joel Lindsey
Joel Lindsey is proof that you can make it as a full-time artist in your city, if you’re good at what you do.  The British-born Pittsburgh artist has only been living in the United States just shy of 18 months and already he has networked his way to playing most of the major and minor venues in the city, established a non-profit that raises money for charities through a monthly artist showcase called Best in the Burgh, and hosts a weekly Open Mic Night at Pittsburgh favorite lounge, Club Cafe.  I think my favorite thing about Joel is that he is extremely hard working…willing to do whatever it takes to be accomplished.

The problem with some artists is they feel they are wasting their time if a show isn’t a “big” opportunity.  That couldn’t be any further from the truth.  The more you play, the more you get booked!  Keep doing as much as you can as often as you can and it will definitely pay off.  When people see that you take yourself seriously, they will also begin to take you seriously.  Read the Helping Yourself #1 post for more on this.

Feel free to suggest other artists who stand out and I’ll be sure to consider them for another similar post. And  THANKS FOR SUBSCRIBING! (that’s your little hint)

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