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Good Marketing for an Upcoming CD Release

August 12, 2009
TJ Cornwall

TJ Cornwall

A couple independent artists are releasing CD’s next month and have some great self promotion to go along with it. So I thought I’d highlight the efforts of a full time independent artist named TJ Cornwall.  Hopefully this information will help a few of you who might be putting out new projects or just need some good marketing ideas from a peer. 

T.J. Cornwall:

Revamped Website: Check out TJ’s myspace. The layout (created by Hidden Conspiracy Designs) is incredibly beautiful and easy to navigate.  TJ doesn’t have an official site but his myspace is professional-looking and can easily substitute as an official site.  Also notice that the design of his site corresponds with the cover art of his new CD.  Everyting matches, therefore creating consistency.

Countdown Clock: It’s always fun to build anticipation by posting something like a timer.  It might not make the world of difference, but subconsciously, there’s something exciting about counting down to a large event (think New Years Day).

Pre-orders: In addition to building hype for his CD release, TJ is also offering pre-orders of “Stepping Stones”.  People like pre-orders b/c they like to have things “now”.  Giving people the option to pre-order your project is just another way of “Thinking like a Record Label” and probably increasing sales.

By the way TJ uses BigCartel.  BigCartel helps artiststo create easily customizable shopping carts for their website. Funds go through PayPal. Check out TJ’s cumstomized cart

CD/T-shirt Bundle: If you’ve got merch, it’ll probably be easier to sell along with a new CD than on its own.  Offer bundles, 2-for-1 deals, or other special deals while there’s still a whole lotta hype around your new project. It’ll pay off!

Incentive: Now that TJ’s got a new CD, he’s offering a free download of his older CD to anyone who  signs up for his newsletter.  Many artists are doing that these days. Smart move.

Video: Last but not least, TJ has been documenting the making of  his CD, which is an excellent way to engage fans and build anticipation. Check out the first video in the series: “Stepping Stones Recording Video 1


Also check out another artist, Ben Alper. He revamped his myspace and has his CD already setup on iTunes even though it doesnt release for another month.  Nothing like having a hard copy and digital copy available at the same time.

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