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Learning Your Listeners

September 20, 2010

The saying goes like this: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again. Occasionally, when I’m at a show, or shortly after a show, I notice how various audience members respond to my merchandise table.  Here’s what I’ve observed…

Type A Listener
This individual likes what they hear. They buy the album immediately, sign the email list and pick up a card so they can go out of their way and check out your website when they get home. Type A is excited and fully committed to supporting you from the start. They’re the person who will tweet about you from their phone the instant they hear your music. They’ll share you with their friends, and come regularly to your shows. They’ll buy your album for friends and attend a few shows each year.

Type B Listener
This person likes what they hear and will likely stick around for your whole show. But Type B isn’t sold out on your music…at least not yet. It’s important to realize that you will almost have more Type Bs than Type As in your audience. Type B will sign your newsletter and will probably do so without you asking because they want to keep tabs on what you’re up to. They’ll go to your show, not because they need a fix of your music, but because it’s conveniently in their neighborhood. Make sure you get Type B’s email b/c even if they don’t buy your album, they will show interest in your music on special occasions (CD Release/major show) , and consider buying your album when you have a sale (maybe a Christmas discount).

Type C Listener
This person isn’t particularly interested in your tunes, but might just pick up your business card off the table at the very most.  In other words, because they don’t have your music, and haven’t given you their contact information (for your newsletter), it’s completely in their hands to stay abreast on your career.  They don’t hae any regular reminders, so your engagement with them will be slim-to-none.

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Perception is Reality

November 19, 2008

It took me a while to figure out what my first write-up for this blog would be. But I’m going to start with something that will probably tie together any subject matter covered in this blog. Perception is Reality.  I should preface this by saying that you wont be reading anything extremely profound but just some things that I’ve learned from experience and from other musicians, business people and entrepreneurs.

After graduating from college, I worked at a book publishing company for several years booking radio and tv interviews for our authors.  The biggest problem in trying to promote someone is that no one can promote You better that You.  Some writers think the work is done after the book is published.  Just the same, many musicians think that it’s all about showing up for the gig and playing a 30 minute set.

The truth is that pursuing music has more to do with what you do offstage after you’ve made your initial impressions…. i.e.

  • following up with fans who subscribe to your mailing list (p.s. do you have a mailing list?)
  • promoting your show (don’t leave this up to the venue)
  • trying to get credible write-ups
  • updating your myspace and/or website

Whatever you feed people is what they’ll eat (sad but true).  People only know what they see. If people get a good idea of who you are b/c you’re always on your game, they’re more likely to keep in touch with you via email, facebook, going to your gigs, letting their friends know about you, and even passing on performance opportunities.

The goal is to give people an honest image of who you are and maintain that consistent integrity from start to finish. Hopefully they’ll dig your personality, stage presence, and the fact that you’ll respond to them when they drop you a note on myspace or facebook.


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