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Learning Your Listeners

September 20, 2010

The saying goes like this: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again. Occasionally, when I’m at a show, or shortly after a show, I notice how various audience members respond to my merchandise table.  Here’s what I’ve observed…

Type A Listener
This individual likes what they hear. They buy the album immediately, sign the email list and pick up a card so they can go out of their way and check out your website when they get home. Type A is excited and fully committed to supporting you from the start. They’re the person who will tweet about you from their phone the instant they hear your music. They’ll share you with their friends, and come regularly to your shows. They’ll buy your album for friends and attend a few shows each year.

Type B Listener
This person likes what they hear and will likely stick around for your whole show. But Type B isn’t sold out on your music…at least not yet. It’s important to realize that you will almost have more Type Bs than Type As in your audience. Type B will sign your newsletter and will probably do so without you asking because they want to keep tabs on what you’re up to. They’ll go to your show, not because they need a fix of your music, but because it’s conveniently in their neighborhood. Make sure you get Type B’s email b/c even if they don’t buy your album, they will show interest in your music on special occasions (CD Release/major show) , and consider buying your album when you have a sale (maybe a Christmas discount).

Type C Listener
This person isn’t particularly interested in your tunes, but might just pick up your business card off the table at the very most.  In other words, because they don’t have your music, and haven’t given you their contact information (for your newsletter), it’s completely in their hands to stay abreast on your career.  They don’t hae any regular reminders, so your engagement with them will be slim-to-none.

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Drawing Traffic to your Website(s) – Myspace

November 21, 2008
Greg Laswell

Greg Laswell


This is one of my favorite topics because I love stats!  There are so many ways to draw traffic to your website…and they all work (to a certain extent).  The basic rule is to update your website as often as you want people to visit. Don’t expect people to visit your site regularly if there’s nothing new to keep them engaged. 

I’ll focus on myspace today and write about official websites on Monday.

Default Image
Change your default image regularly. Weekly. Bi-weekly. Monthly.  Just more often than you do now.  A different default image than you had last week leads people to believe that you’ve updated your page since last week. I usually changed my image around 12 midnight on Sunday.  Mondays are when my myspace gets the most traffic

Simple things like changing the layout of your myspace usually keep people coming back regularly. I usually go with Thomas Myspace Editor because it’s extremely straightforward.  When my background image starts getting stale, I put a new one up, change the colors…just small things that catch the eye. Post flyers for your upcoming events, rearrange things.  I like this page simply because its colorful and clean: Dawn Canon.  I also love Greg Laswell’s page b/c its fun, creative, and has links to every other single website you can visit to stalk him.

Send regular emails
People are lazy and they forget everything. This is why I love e-newsletters.  Newsletters are the single most important part of everything I do and every single email address matters.  At shows, make sure you have a visible sign-up form.  Pass it around if you have to. Send out a weekly email to subscribers. Let them know what’s up – new updates, new blogs on your site, new anything!  If weekly emails are too much for you, send them every two weeks. I personally think sending a monthly email isn’t enough.

Also, people can’t write! Emphasize how important it is for them to print clearly!

Constantly remind people that you exist. Always include links in your emails – links to your websites, blogs…etc. Free newsletter services include FanBridge and Your Mailing List Provider.  There are tons of others and most are free depending on how many subscribers your have. I use YMLP b/c their layout is very clean. Feel free to check out my weekly newsletter.  Wednesdays are the second busiest day of traffic on my website b/c I usually send my e-blast out late Tuesday night.

The power of suggestion
If I’m doing a show at a coffeeshop or bar, I usually try to put some business cards on tables throughout the venue. Some people are too lazy to walk 10 feet over to your product table and get one on their own. For shame!  I totally dig Flyers Direct.  Their flyer and business card rates are awesome and they print on both sides. $55 for 1000 business cards aint bad.  I’m sure there are even better deals out there.  Just look.
Here’s what my business card currently looks like: Front. Back.  I  change up the design every 5-6 months.

At least once during your set, mention your website and myspace…and let people know you have a CD they can buy.  The power of suggestion is usually what makes me money at the end of night…whether people buy my music at the show, later on iTunes, or pass an opportunity my way since they have my contact info handy.

The basic goal is to consistently put yourself in front of people by any means necessary.  Legally…of course 🙂

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