Grassrootsy in the Media

EEW Magazine: How Former Publicist Joy Ike traded in her Job for her Joy  –  Nov 9, 2009
“Nowadays, it seems that Joy represents a rapidly growing number of  fiercely independent, Internet savvy women, who are maximizing social media and harnessing the power of the Internet to pursue their God-given dreams. Her Grassrootsy blog, though geared toward
musicians, gives solid, structured advice about how to take advantage of the Internet explosion and the popularity of social
networking sites like: Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, that can help any entrepreneur…” [read full article]

Inkling Media: Indie Music and Social Media: A Match Made in Heaven  –  Oct 28, 2009
Ike believes, rightly so, that musicians need to work for what they want. She says ‘if someone believes their music is worth listening to, they will put the effort into getting it out.’  With that in mind, Ike created Grassrootsy, a wonderful blog/website designed with the indie musician in mind. Her goals for the site, among others,  are to give artists…” [read full article]



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