So What Exactly Is A Manager?

So I posted this on our Twitter feed last week and think it’s also worth posting here. Uber successful artist, Josh Ritter, decided to do an interview with his manager and stick it on his blog:   Making a Life in Music, Vol. 4: “What the Hell a Manager Does”. I love when other artists decide to share their knowledge with so I have much respect for you, Josh!

The blog is a challenging piece on what a manager does, how an artist works with a manager, and all the things you should be doing to find yourself in a healthy relationship with someone who assumes that role.  The interview includes a quick recap of Ritter’s beginnings through the eyes of his manager, friend, and dorm buddy, Darius Zelkha. It also addresses all the questions you’ve ever had, and all the questions you never thought of.  I read it word-for-word last Friday and loved it!  Thanks to Jon S. Patton of the group Midway Fair for the Grassrootsy recommendation.

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One Comment on “So What Exactly Is A Manager?”

  1. Craig Says:

    it’s funny, i got into the “to have a manager or not to have a manager” discussion with an artist last week!

    I think there may come a point in an artist’s career where the do it yourself thing kind of plateaus in terms of its effectiveness, just because beyond a certain point it’s kind of uncharted waters. If you have someone with a proven track record leading the way it’d probably help make the course of action a little more clear. Plus in a band situation, it’s an (ideally) unbiased 3rd party to serve as a mediator in the event conflict in terms of direction arises

    I also liked in the article, the idea of a manager as someone who’s always pushing for that next level. Sometimes bands get complacent and give up right when they’re on the brink of something big, all they needed was that extra push

    Great post!

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