Random Tips & Tricks #4

To read the first three blogs in this series visit:  Random Tips & Tricks #1, Random Tips & Tricks #2, and Random Tips & Tricks #3. Here are a few new tips…

Be as Uniform as Possible
Make sure your domain names match.  It’s really a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how often people overlook this little detail.  You want your fans to easily predict where to find you online. If your band name is Sparks of Fire, your domains should be as follow…

You and I both know bands who have incongruent  domain names.  Its annoying. But most importantly, it makes it harder for  group’s fans to carry over from one social network to the next.

Another tip, if http://www.myspace.com/sparksof fire is taken, go with http://www.myspace.com/sparksoffireband or http://www.myspace.com/sparksoffiremusic instead.

Name Your Events
Name your events. It’s not just a show, its an event…so treat it like so.  When you give something a name, you give it purpose. And a name…especially a catchy one…will stick in people’s minds.  Say you host a weekly music showcase on Saturday evenings. Call it “Saturday Night Sounds” (for lack of a better title).  People will remember that it’s specifically on Saturday, and they’ll also call it by its given name instead of giving it their own.

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