What Do You Think About Facebook Friend Swapping?

Tiffany Thompson

THE ARTIST: Tiffany Thompson (Washington, DC)
THE QUESTION: So I had this idea the other day about a possible way to broaden my online friend/fan base. What if two artists, for example me and you, gave each other permission to go through and friend all of the other person’s friends on Facebook. I know this is kinda looked down upon in the Facebook music world…especially when you do it without telling the other person. But it seemed like it might be a good way to get our music out to new listeners.

For example, say I have a music friend named James Smith. With his permission, I could add his friends and with the friend request send a message like : “Hi! I am a friend of James Smith and we are sharing our music with each other’s Facebook friends. Thought you might like to check out my music: www.tiffanythompsonmusic.com. Thanks! ”  Something like that?

What do you think? Be honest!

THE ANSWER: Welk I personally am not so hot on the idea. I actually tried this once with someone else. I went and added a bunch of his friends with a similar brief message.  Some people responded and some did not. But I’ve noticed that those people who did respond have not kept themselves in tune with my music. They don’t respond to comments, status updates, or participate in any of my FB conversations like my other fans. Their interest was high in the beginning but died almost immediately. So the way I see it, you have two ways to earn fans….

  1. Make friends to market – this would be the route we’ve just discussed. You’re basically adding these people so you can “advertise to them”. People don’t want to be spammed and they don’t want to be used for what you can get out of them.
  2. Earn friends, earn fans – this requires doing what you do without the intention of selling something. Go to the show, play music, earn people’s ears, and tell them to find you online if they like what they’ve heard. If someone goes out of their way to find you online, you can be sure they’ll be a longtime fan.

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5 Comments on “What Do You Think About Facebook Friend Swapping?”

  1. Hi Tiffany,

    Great post, and I’m in total agreement. I’ve been in a “love” / “sorta not-so-love” relationship with FB for awhile.

    It’s easy to trade(and collect) online friends and add to your count, and I see this happening a lot…but I also agree that it’s much more worthwhile to put your music out there so that the people who really want to listen to it (and know more about you as an artist) come calling your way.

    – Michael

    P.S. Really nice web site you have. (Nice take on “The Christmas Song”, too.

  2. grassrootsy Says:

    awesome and thanks Michael!

  3. Revelation: People/artists/musicians already do this.

    The only time swapping friends works is when they buy your products; come to your concerts/gigs; or help you promote in all the different cities you want to gig.

    Gaining thousands of friends/fans that never buy your music or you merchandise does little good to move one’s career forward. It certainly does nothing allowing you to have a full time music career without working other job(s).

    We define True Blue Fans, as those fans the spend at least $100/year on all you do and all the products you offer for sale.

    When an artist or a musician knows how many True Blue Fans they must have to support their business, then I believe they will be on their way to earning a living, full time, in the music world.



  4. stephen Says:

    mmm, it’s risky business. some will see the light but general this not the case especially with facebook… unfortunately there’s no shortcuts to building true fans…


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