Persistent, Not Pushy

Think of pitching yourself to media, venues, and industry reps like pursing a relationship.

Don’t be annoying. So you’re trying to get your foot in the door. Are you making an obnoxious amount of attempts? Don’t do it! Don’t leave 5 message on his/her voicemail…especially if they haven’t called you back. In the same way, don’t email that radio station over and over again. Big mistake!

Make a good first impression. Look good and they will remember. First impressions will always make a lasting impact – on a date, for an interview, through your website…etc

Wait. Don’t be too eager. After making that first impression, lay low for a short while, and give the person time to decide what they think about you/your music/your image…etc

Show Genuine Interest. Do you want to know them or do you just want to know what they can do for you?

Be Committed. It’s pretty simple.  Your consistency will take you further than your talent.

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