Things That College Kids Like

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If your event isn’t free, they’ll find something that is.  There’s no official rule saying you can’t charge for an on-campus event; but there is an unspoken unofficial rule. In fact, at the University of Pittsburgh, they won’t let you charge students if you’re holding an event at the Student Union. If you’re doing something directly on campus, aim to pull it off for free.  If you do decide to charge, come up with incentive. For example, you can charge $5 at the door, but if someone brings 2 additional friends, they can all get in for free. What a great way to boost your attendance.

Give students a free download if they sign up for your newsletter. Why not? They get a song, you get their information.

Do it up! Come up with a great idea and go with it.

Who doesnt like a good contest…especially if the incentive is great?!

It’s a no-brainer really…but if you aren’t engaging with your college demographic on facebook, you are totally missing the boat! Once the end of August comes around, students live on facebook. Step up your game and make sure you are communicating.

Facebook is a viral platform. Things spread…quick. YouTube is the same way. Create content that is worth spreading. Create comical (or intriguing) videos (or other content) that students want to pass on to their friends. I happen to think JD Eicher does a really good job with this.  Check out one of the many videos in his “Tour Story” series.

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