It’s All In the Packaging

I watched this commercial  the other day and said “That is SO stupid! Why would Orbitz spend thousands of dollars of airtime to talk about the colorful boxes their gum comes in?!”  And then, when I was in Rite-Aid today I decided to buy a pack of Orbitz because I liked the packaging. It wasnt until after the cashier rung up the box that I realized I had been totally sold! And I don’t like to be sold 🙂

Orbitz’s marketing is spot-on! We’ve even written about their approach here on Grassrootsy before:  You Can’t Judge a Book By Its Cover, But You Can Buy One

Check out the aforementioned post but also consider these thoughts…

  1. There are too many musicians in the world. You cant afford not to stick out.
  2. If you look dull, people won’t even stick around to find out that you’re not.
  3. Make your CD the one people stop to take a second look at
  4. An interesting merch table can generate sales. You don’t have to hype it up or anything, but at least take time to arrange everything and make your music, CD, newsletter, business cards, and whatever else look  presentable.
  5. Number 4 also applies to your website(s) and marketing. When you make things appealing to the eye, people will take the time to give you their attention.
  6. Orbitz is right.

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2 Comments on “It’s All In the Packaging”

  1. midwayfair Says:

    I read an interesting article on Slate a while back essentially about this, except it was about beer. If you make a product that’s essentially indistinguishable from most other people, you need to sell something else.

    I guess we artists would prefer to think that we’re all delicate little snowflakes, but let’s face it — most people don’t even own a microscope to be able to see what we look like.

    I’ma go now before I mangle some more metaphors.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Zach Crider, Grassrootsy. Grassrootsy said: Today's Post "It's All in the Packaging" Why its so important to have a great presentation… […]

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