Don’t Do This

1. Don’t try to coax people into buying your CD. This is such a lame thing to do. You’ll leave a bad taste in their mouth. You’ll also leave with an empty promise that they’ll buy your CD on iTunes when they get home 🙂

2. Don’t have a bad attitude. If you didn’t love it, you wouldn’t be doing it. If you don’t love it, don’t do it.

3. Don’t expect it to be easy. If you’re going to a new city, its not like you’re going to have automatic fans. Give things time to grow.

4. Don’t copy what someone else is doing and expect the same results. Your music is different. The people in your network are different. Things will be different to a certain extent.

5. Don’t act like you’re above certain shows…especially if you’re not at a place where you can be picky and choosy. At the same time, don’t do a show if you really don’t want to do it.  Reference #2.

6. Dont let things slip through the cracks. Ya, you’re only human and the’s only so much you can do. But do your best to stay on top of your music. Read every other blog on this site for tips on how to do this 🙂

7. Don’t SPAM people. Don’t email people with information they didn’t sign up for . Twitter and Facebook are different because you’re posting information on your wall(s) and page(s). But don’t SPAM your fans with irrelevant emails when they’ve specifically signed up for music news.

8. Don’t take your fans for granted. They are your Word-of-Mouth. They will give you more gigs, more fans, and more exposure than anything else.

9. Don’t be autonomous. Learn how to do things for yourself but seek the help and wisdom of others who have more experience. It will make all the difference.

10. Don’t take anything for granted. The people you meet, the places you go, the shows you play…all lead somewhere!

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2 Comments on “Don’t Do This”

  1. cghearn Says:

    Word! This is great advice!

  2. RJ Says:

    This is a great list. I really like #10. It is so true.

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