Making the Most of Your Club Gig

On Monday’s post, we talked about the pros/cons of booking nightclubs: Coffeeshop or Club? Pros and Cons of “Nightlife” Booking. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your show.

Who’s on the Bill?
Don’t just play with any artist, play with artists who will willingly help you promote the gig. You can get a big name to headline your event, but if they don’t tell their fans, it wont get the turnout you’re shooting for. We talked about this extensively in a post a few months back in a post worth reading: “So What Did I Do Wrong?”

Also, make sure you’re billing with bands that are communicative.  Don’t book bands that don’t respond to your emails or any of your communication. How can you expect them to be on the same page with you when you’re not corresponding.

Also check out this post: Be The Artist You’d Want to Play With

Space Your Shows
Since your draw is such an important factor, don’t try to book another big show in the same time frame. This might be a no-brainer But maybe consider doing 1 big show a month. Doing shows close together is possible (especially if you plan to target very different audiences) but in most cases, both shows will detract from each other.
Also make sure that the other band(s) you’re playing with don’t have any competing shows.
Since it sometimes feels harder to draw people out, give people a reason to come. Consider talking with the venue and ask if they can have a drink special or a discounted menu for patrons.

You can’t set up a show today for next week. You need to set aside a solid 1-2 months to do it right. You probably won’t have a successful show if you don’t give yourself time to promote. Read
Planning Ahead – The Key to a Successful Show for a 4-week plan to a successful show.

Also check out 5 Tips for a Booking a Successful Show for more useful details.

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3 Comments on “Making the Most of Your Club Gig”

  1. Lots of great info and advice for bands, particularly ones who may be new to playing out. These are tips I’ve learned over time ( the hard way every time), and wish I had something like this starting out. keep up the awesome work!


  2. I agree with Craig, these are lots of great tips. Living in Nashville there are always lots of indie shows to go see, but it is the ones who have the best line up that pull me in. Even my friends who only semi promote their shows don’t interest me, if you’re not excited about it, why should I be?

  3. […] a follow-up to last week’s post: Making the Most of Your Club Gig. Soooo, coffeeshops are great, but you probably won’t make a whole lotta mula.  Well, it all […]

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