Vlogs are the New Blog

Vlog is the new blog ya’ll!  A few months back I wrote an article for Inkling Media talking about why video blogs are such a great way to build your fanbase. Well, now is the time to step up. Grassrootsy is featuring your video blogs. If you’ve got something good, send it on over or tweet us a link to your video.

Thing thing about vlogs…

1. Its a way to attach a face to your name. Fans want to communicate with the artist they love. They want a real idea of who you are. Videos accomplish something standard written blogs can’t.

2. Vlogs are easy. We all talk faster than we type (i think). Say what you have to say and post it. Just communicate with your fans and invite them to join you in the adventure of pursuing your music.

3. Vlogs can often be more creative than the written word. They don’t have to be anything complicated, high-maintenance, or over-produced, but they can be).

That said, here are two  vlogs from independent artist Jeremy Johnson and J.D. Green. I also thought I’d stick in one of my own at the bottom.

Jeremy Johnson

J.D. Green

Joy Ike

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7 Comments on “Vlogs are the New Blog”

  1. DC Cardwell Says:

    Sorry, Joy, but I skipped the other two videos and watched your own and really enjoyed it. It really made me feel I was there! I loved the relaxed atmosphere and the intimacy and that projected well on the small screen. Your music’s great too!

  2. Jon Patton Says:

    I watched the first 10-30 seconds of the first two videos, and the hemming and hawing (not to mention the self-conscious explanation that they knew it was annoying by saying it was a second take or telling themselves to “just spit it out”) was exceptionally annoying. So I guess that’s our first lesson: don’t sound unprepared, and don’t babble.

    Yours was good. It included a performance, and introduction to the audience, and lots of people paying attention. Pretty much what people want to see from most musicians. I do think it was slightly too long overall and that fades (in and/or out) on some of the songs would help it be more concise. If it goes up on YouTube, you can always set the full songs as video responses so that fans can see the whole song.

  3. grassrootsy Says:

    Thanks for your comments Jon and DC. To each his own, i think. I actually like hearing artists fumble around and just talk in a less-scripted way. I really like Jeremy’s edits too.

  4. Jack Says:

    This probably doesn’t qualify as a Vlog… but I think this video helps to get to know the band and adds a behind-the-scenes look at the studio.

  5. grassrootsy Says:

    i think it counts! 🙂

  6. jD Says:

    thanks for the posts, joy. and while it stung a bit, i’m glad to also see the feedback from viewers. i think some of the difference is the setting/purpose of an individual vlog entry. and it’s also one of experience. jeremy & i are both brand new to vlogging.

    i’ll certainly consider being more concise in the future, though i don’t want to lose the…vulnerability of sharing my thoughts as opposed to my singing only.

    thank you again for grassrootsy. it’s a great resource.

  7. grassrootsy Says:

    well-said, JD 🙂

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