If It Feels Right, It Probably Is

It’s that time again. Time to reference the blog, How To Make a Living Playing Music, by musician Danny Barnes. It’s an excellent article that every aspiring musician should read if they want a realistic view of what it takes to make it in a music career. Here are today’s thoughts on his blog.

“Keep working on finding more and better places to play, and new contexts within which to place your work. If something feels right, it probably is right. If you are having to bang your head against the wall in regard to something, it may be better to drop it sooner. The longer you work on something that isn’t going to work out job-wise, I think the more time we waste.”

This is excellent advice. I oftentimes find myself trying to push down doors when it’s not the right time or the right avenue.  Here are a few things for you and I to keep in mind.

1. Be Organic
Why is “Organic” such a big fad these days?  Because it’s all about the natural progression of things.  Any good thing takes time to develop. Don’t try to make something happen overnight when it should rightfully take a year.  And remember things that build quickly die just as fast.

2. Don’t Pigeonhole Yourself
The more versatile you are, the further you will go.  Ya, maybe your music appeals more to a specific demographic but don’t limit yourself from opportunities. Barnes’ note on “new contexts” is great.  Don’t limit yourself to bars if you can also get college gigs. Don’t limit yourself to coffee shops if you can also do art galleries.  The sky is the limit and you need your network and sphere of influence to be as big as possible…and to continue growing.

3. Think Ahead
When you’re booking a show, decide what you hope to accomplish by the time you’ve played that show:

  • Will you have reached a new audience of potential fans?
  • Will you have established street credibility with the venue or event sponsor?
  • Will you have a stronger relationship with the other band(s) on the bill…thus keeping the door open for working together in the future?
  • And even if you don’t get the turnout you expected, in the weeks prior to the event, will you have a chance to market yourself to people who’ve never heard about you?

Just some things to think about…

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