How to Create An Invoice

I thought I’d revisit a blog from last year: Money: Ask and You Shall Receive…Sometimes. There have been a number of really great reader comments on this post.

So yes, learning to ask for money is important. And whether you’re being contracted by an individual or an organization, it’s absolutely imperative to have something in writing.  Most of us have unofficial email records with correspondence on payment details; but here’s a post about taking it one step further.

Why Invoices Matter
I have to admit, I don’t do the best job at creating invoices on a regular basis. In many cases, an organization or college will send me a contract (with included payment information), which eliminates the need to create one. But occasionally, I’ll run into a considerably sketchy situation with someone I don’t know or trust. And in these cases, I put together an invoice. If you don’t know how credible your employer is, you should have something in writing so that they don’t cheat you of your money.

Invoice Essentials

  1. Contact Information: Have your contact info and the info of the person/organization hiring you. Include your name, email, number, and address (not residential). Leave out your address if it is residential.
  2. Performance Details: Include date, time, and location of  the event. Include the duration of your performance.
  3. Agreed Payment: An invoice is a bill. Make sure your employer knows how much you are billing him/her. Make sure they agree on this amount.
  4. A Signature: Email or snail mail a copy of this invoice to your employer before the event. Make sure you get back a signed copy before you hit the stage.

Examples & Articles

Things to Keep In Mind

  • ***Consider putting a payment deadline on your contract. In other words, ask that you receive payment upon completion of your performance…or no later than 2 weeks after your performance. You decide.
  • ***The contract doesn’t have to be cluttered with information. Just the need-to-know facts.
  • ***You don’t have to have a logo on your invoice but it just looks more official.

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2 Comments on “How to Create An Invoice”

  1. DC Cardwell Says:

    Thanks! I love the way you attend to the small practicalities as well as the big concepts. It’s so often hard to find this kind of info on the web.

    – DC

  2. […] Draw up a simple contract and have them sign and give it to you when you arrive at their place. Tell them not to stress over the contract but that its something you have to do since its not an official venue. More on creating contracts/invoices here. […]

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