Stand-out Artists and What We Can Learn from Them #4

Leah Smith

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Artist #1: Leah Smith
It’s a simple little thing, and I’m surprised more artists don’t do it.  If you’re like Leah Smith, you’re probably playing different types of venues for different types of people.  Have you ever visited an artist calendar and wanted to know more information about a specific show? Most artist post the facts – location, date, time…etc. BUT
most artists do not include  background information on a show.  If you want more people to come to your show, tell them what they should expect. Take a few seconds and post a few lines about the show. Include:

  • who you’re playing with (i.e. other bands on the bill)
  • what the event is about (benefit?, themed event?, part of a bigger event?)
  • why people don’t want to miss this show
  • a website linking to where they can find even more information.

When people know what they can expect, they’re more likely to come.
On a side note: Musicians don’t forget to continually visit other artist pages.  Check out their calendars and see where they’re playing. The posted information will help you get gigs.

Artist #2: Yours Truly
I’m not used to being handed business cards by bands.  In fact, i don’t know too many bands who actually have business cards. I was part of a show last month and struck up a conversation with Eric Downs, drummer of Pittsburgh band, Yours Truly.  He told me his band had played earlier that evening. I apologized for missing them and he responded by handing me a card and saying “No worries, you can just listen to us online.”  My response?  Wow, Good one! You’ll definitely end up on Grassrootsy.”

Read up on promoting your music through business cards and other methods: Drawing Traffic to your Website(s)

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One Comment on “Stand-out Artists and What We Can Learn from Them #4”

  1. MartinT Says:

    It has always been a strategy of mine to use business card’s with a band.


    Well how often do you talk to someone about music? Me, more than half of the conversations i have! Business card at the ready…

    They don’t even have to be boring, i have had some very original ideas for business cards which i may elaborate more on one day when my blog/band/project’s get off the ground.

    Awesome readings as always!

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