First Impressions are Lasting Ones

Do you make a good first impression on the people you meet? On first time visitors to your website? Consider the following thoughts and determine whether you’re hitting the mark.

In a recent post I created for my friend, Ken Mueller’s, Inkling Media blog, I wrote:

“Social media is all about making information travel to a large number or people in a little amount of time. This  requires thinking ahead – being prepared. When you post information on your Facebook Page, what do you hope to accomplish? When you send people a link to your website, what will they find when they get there? Will the available information be what they’re looking for?  [read full article]

Tips for Creating a Good, Lasting, Fist Impression

  1. Content, Content, Content: Don’t invite people to join your Facebook Page unless there’s actually something on your page.
  2. Is your website really a website? Just because you have a domain name doesn’t mean you have a website. If the information hasn’t been updated, the site is useless.
  3. Be Patient: Wait till you’ve put up a handful of posts before you start spreading the word about your blog.
  4. Use Links: My biggest pet peeve is when an individual or a company sends me information about an event they’re having but doesn’t provide a link for more information.  If you have a link, people will click it.
  5. Remember: NO ONE wants to visit an empty website. That’s like going to the grocery store full of empty shelves.

More thoughts on making a good first impression

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