Is Myspace Dead? Well…

Andrew Belle

Ok, there are a rumors that Myspace is dead. And yea…I sorta believe that.  But, it’s important to remember that people will go where the information is. A website is a website. Many artists are still treating  Myspace as their official site…and for good reason. Myspace is fully customizable and I truly believe this is its one saving grace.

So here are some great tips for making Myspace your fans choice for information

1. Information is information. If your content is timely, informative, and easy to read, people will keep coming back.

2. Make it look like NOT Myspace: There are tons of ways to change the format of your page. Take advantage of its flexible use of HTML. And here’s a plug for my good buddy Dan Prokop. He designed JD Eicher’s Myspace page and it’s pretty fly.

3. Have Essential Information:  Any especially important information you would have on a website, should go on your Myspace page – merch, shows, bio, videos, contact info, things that make you look good.

4. Clean it up: Comb through your account settings and change things. Disable html posts from other users.  Don’t let “friends” clutter your page with their graphics. Instead of showing 20 of your top friends on your page, just show 8 or 4.  Less is more. Keep it clean.

5. Domain Forwarding is highly recommended. If  you can’t get your act together to get an official website, at least buy a domain name and have it forward straight to your myspace. I went on tour with 3 friends last fall.  We didnt have time or energy to create and official site but instead bought a domain name: and had it forward to We found that more people liked the idea of visiting more than the Myspace url.

6. Don’t give up Facebook or anything. This isn’t some plea to try and bring Myspace back. But i still firmly believe that Myspace is a legitimate social networking site. It’s the number one place I personally go to listen to new music and find artists to split gigs with. And remember, even if people aren’t adding you as their Myspace friend, it doesn’t mean they’re not visiting your page to get information.

7. Myspace Pages that hit the spot! Here are a few great examples

How about you? What are you thoughts on Myspace and its decline? Do you think it’s still legitimate?

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3 Comments on “Is Myspace Dead? Well…”

  1. Jon Patton Says:

    I’ve kept my band’s Myspace for exactly the reasons you describe. It started out as our official web site; but now it only seems relevant as a band networking tool, although I wish I could downsize and stop using it for that reason. I’ve made it look as close to our official website as possible — same graphics, same colors, but with a slightly different selection of music.

    However, I’ve been told recently by people who keep track of social networking trends that, in the U.S. at least, MySpace still has a large percentage of regular Black and Latino non-music-page users, whereas Facebook skews white, but that’s changing. I think this was because college students, Facebook’s original users, have a lower percentage of minorities than the larger community. Similarly, Twitter is far more popular among adults and working professionals than kids, despite all the jokes everyone made about Twitter being for the ADD generation.

    After saying all this, I don’t feel any animosity toward bands that aren’t on Facebook/Reverb Nation/Twitter whatever or think a band is uncool for using MySpace instead of an official web page. One of the nice things about MySpace has always been that the content is more open, and the music player is still a good tool.

  2. grassrootsy Says:

    Jon, Thanks for your post. I updated your info…so it has the correct url on the first posting.

    -Joy > > > > > > > >Support Joy’s New Album > > ________________________________

    > >Feb 17 – Backstage Bar- Pgh, PA >Feb 23 – CCAC North Campus- Pgh, PA >Feb 27 – Istanbul (Your Inner Vagabond) – Pittsburgh, PA >Mar 6 – Metro Gallery – Baltimore, MD >Mar 7 – DC9 “The Nine Songwriters” Series -Washington, DC > > > > > > > >

  3. Jack Says:

    People don’t “hang out” on Myspace like they used to–but like you said, it’s still a valuable band networking resource and go-to for information. We have a normal website and a slick Myspace:
    We’ve disable html comments and deny blatant ads for bands we’re not really close with.

    Our website has hosting restrictions on bandwidth–which some diversion towards Myspace can help. That’s a pretty nice benefit.

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