Bandize: A Tool for Band Management

Not able to post anything thorough today, but i want to make you all aware of something a friend passed on a few days ago. It’s a new band management tool called Bandize. It’ll be introduced at this years South By Southwest and it’s extremely appropriate for the readers of Grassrootsy. Here’s a great introduction: Bandize: Manager Your Band Like a Business

I’ll do some more reading up on it in the next few months and likely post an in-depth review or “analysis”. In the meantime, here are some past reviews on other notable resource. Read up!

Oh, and in a matter or weeks, I’ll begin guest-blogging for Artist Data.

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3 Comments on “Bandize: A Tool for Band Management”

  1. grassrootsy Says:

    a few hours of this posting this, BandCentral began following me on twitter. Check them out. They’ve been around longer and they’re cheaper: They’re based in the UK.

  2. Marcatomusician provides the same tools and more for free for single band accounts. Cheaper than Bandcentral and Bandize and growing fast. The current offering is free forever.

  3. The Big Fish Says:

    MarcatoDigital’s website says $20/mo. How is that cheaper? All of these look cool though. Thanks for the info.

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