The Economy of Snow

“When life hands you Snow, make Sno-Cones.”

If you’re on the East Coast, you know much of Pennsylvania and surrounding has been hit with a pretty terrible snow storm. Pittsburgh is actually pretty barren. People are staying indoors and spending an incredible amount of time on facebook. hehe

Anyhow, I finally had a chance to dig my car out, and roam around a few neighborhoods while running errands this afternoon. Here’s what i learned from a few local businesses. And here’s how it relates to your career as a musician.

Be at the Epicenter of the Action
There’s are approximately 8 coffeeshops in my neighborhood and only 1 is packed. It’s a coffeeshop called Crazy Mocha. The place was actually standing room only when i drove by this afternoon. It took me a while to realize why.  Everyone is eager to get out of their apartments and socialize; but the roads aren’t safe to drive on.  While most coffeehouses are in the business district , Crazy Mocha is closest to apartment complexes – hence the incredible foot traffic.

Where are you? Are you doing the same thing other musicians are doing (hanging around the business district)? Or are you out with the people – your consumers?

Be Willing to Do What No One Else Will Do
The Pizza Guy is really popular! And so is the couple who own the Chinese restaurant down the street.  These folks are willing to deliver and people are willing to pay just to avoid the snow.  The 15-year-old entrepreneurs who offered to finish digging out my car are also a hot commodity in my neighborhood right now.

As a musician, think about going that extra step. What can you do that wouldn’t normally be expected of you. Stand out and you will win your audience. Some for the moment. Some indefinitely.

If You’re Closed, You Don’t Make any Money
A local news station did a story on the several businesses who, unlike the pizza delivery guy, are sorely losing out on money this week. The local manicure shop, the local boutiques, and car dealerships, for example,  are all losing out on business because no one is shopping. And then there are other businesses who haven’t even tried to open their doors.

Are you open are you closed? Do people know you’re available? Do you allow outside circumstances to get in the way of achieving your music goals? Or do you take things into your own hands, climb a hill, and start a small business by offering to shovel you neighbor’s snow. Basically, do you create opportunities out of obstacles? Check out this blog for tips on Reminding People You Still Exist

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