What’s Wrong With this Message?

Since its start, this blog has always been about being proactive. But being proactive still requires common sense. Today I came across a Facebook message that spurred this post.

Indies are always trying to bust down doors – sometimes at the wrong time and often in the wrong way.  I believe half the battle of conquering new territory is making sure you’re talking to the right person and taking your time to properly communicate with that person. Approach your leads with respect and wisdom. Don’t go to a radio station expecting them to play your tunes.  Instead, ask for their consideration.  Don’t expect anything in return because most times you won’t get it.

Here’s a prime example. I was visiting a coffee shop’s Facebook page and saw this musician’s post on the page’s wall:

hey im tj and im part of an acoustic band called [name kept anonymous]. its just me and one other guy. i was wondering if we could get a spot in your events as a local band playing. we are from [city kept anonymous]. send a message back if you are interested.

What’s wrong with this message?

  1. It’s on the Facebook wall. The band should have sent a direct email to the coffee shop. Don’t try to book gigs through Facebook walls. Send a private message…hopefully via traditional email.  I think this is probably common sense.
  2. No punctuation. Don’t ever send an email without capitalizing anything.
  3. No real information. The coffee shop is not going to go out of their way to find out where to listen to this group’s music. Always include a link. Always include more information about yourself. Be informative but don’t be long-winded.
  4. It’s not humble. Don’t communicate as if you expect something in return.  The person you are talking with most likely has the ability to open doors for you. They don’t owe you anything and can easily delete your email. Respect.
  5. Recipient is Unknown: Who knows who will read that message? Does the store owner run the Facebook Page? Or is it the booker. Or do they even check the page regularly? Find out who you should be talking to.
  6. If you don’t care, they wont care. The request was simply too informal for the coffee shop to think that this is a serious musician.

Communication etiquette is vital. Be sure not to burn your bridges before you even build them.  Need good tips on how to pitch your music to someone? Visit: How to Score Reviews of Your CD

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2 Comments on “What’s Wrong With this Message?”

  1. Jack Says:

    Many bands will do posts like that on FB or Myspace purely so other bands and fans of those venues will see their name/image.
    I agree with you that the gatekeepers of the biz aren’t just waiting for an awesome band to leave them a FB wall post!

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