The Artist and The Image

Daft Punk

I’m currently watching Independence Day and realizing that Will Smith really isn’t the greatest actor in the world…at least not back in the 90’s and probably not even now. Truthfully, there are much better male actors BUT everyone seems to love him. And here’s why.

As an artists, we don’t necessarily have an obligation to put ourselves into our music but I strongly believe that no one can sell YOU better than YOU and that an artist truly connects with his/her fans when fully engaged in the communication process that is promotion. Does that mean that you cant be on a label or can’t have a manager or agent? No. It simply means that you should never be hands off.

Your fans are excited about you; not an automated email response or someone else responding to your messages. Think about the group Daft Punk. I have always LOVED their music but at the same time have always felt disconnected because they never show their face.

With that said, here are some reasons why Will Smith is as good as he is without really being that good.

He’s got a good personality. He’s got character. Most people think of him as the young, charming, well-spoken, sharply dressed, married father of two.  Google him or check out his Facebook fanpage, and you’ll notice that his image is consistent on all fronts. As a musician, are you consistent? Does your image change depending on your setting? If your music has a target audience, consistency is especially important.

You’ll likely never see Smith playing a serial killer or a deranged individual unless there is some type of redemptive resolution by the end of the movie. If you’ve noticed, Smith always plays the hero – Independence Day, Men in Black, I Am Legend, 7 Pounds. In  fact he’s definitely been typecast. But being typecast isn’t so bad if that’s what you’re going for. Do you want to be typecast or not. Figure that out.

Think of marketing as a way to connect personality with role. If your work is a product of the image you’re trying to create, your work will reflect your image. If you market yourself correctly you’ll be performing shows that work for your personality, your image, and your target audience. Playing in the atmosphere that works for your and your music has alot to do with have a successful show and taking home new fans at the end of the night.

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