Bandcamp – A Great Place to Pitch Your Tent

Colonizing the Cosmos

I first really got into Bandcamp when Pittsburgh Indie band, Colonizing the Cosmos, launched a digital release of their brand new album The First Frontier.  Just when you think there are too many online digital music websites, another pops up. But Bandcamp is unique for several reasons. Here’s why you’ll love it and why it should be an active part of your marketing…

The short end: Bandcamp helps independent artist sell their music.

  1. Layout: If a website is not easy to navigate, it is losing business. Bandcamp has a super clean layout and makes it extremely easy for your fans to listen to your tunes, download specific songs (or whole album), or learn more about you.
  2. It’s FREE: Less Output. More Input. Surprisingly, Bandcamp does not charge its users a thing! I won’t be surprised if they change this policy some day. But for now, 100% of the profit goes to you. However Bandcamp deposits those funds through Paypal; so you must have a PayPal account. Standard PayPal charges apply. You should have a PayPal account anyhow and here’s why: Selling Your Music – Setting up an Online Merch Store.
  3. Emails: First its important to know that you can offer your music for free or for sale. This can vary on each individual song. However, each time someone gets a free download of your music, BC allows you to collect their email address – like a trade. Its a clever way to collect a very important piece of information that will surely keep the connection going between you and your newest fan.
  4. Stats: Bandcamp will tell you how people found out about your BC page – where they’re clicking, what songs they listen to most ofen, what songs have been downloaded, and a host of other things. Over the holidays, I launched a free download of a new song of mine and discovered that most people had heard about it through Facebook and Twitter. Yes, even more proof that MySpace is dead 🙂 I also discovered that  a few people had snagged the widget BC offered for my song and put it on their own blogs.
  5. It’s the sign of the times: If you have music for sale, but you’re not focusing on digital distribution, then you’re losing out on income and a fanbase that is too lazy to go to the store and find you. Besides, you’re music probably isn’t in the store.
  6. The Alternative: If you’re an artist using iTunes (especially if you’ve been setup through CDBaby or another third party), you know that you only see roughly $0.65 of every dollar. Yea, everyone has to make their money. but its great to have options.

Oh and Bandcamp is not paying me to write this. So if the above sounds like one big advertisement, its probably because I really like them. p.s. Grassrootsy will begin accepting advertising in the very near future. You can inquire about that.

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5 Comments on “Bandcamp – A Great Place to Pitch Your Tent”

  1. Isaiah Graywolf Says:

    Also Bandcamp is great because people can choose a number of options regarding the quality of the download. You’re not stuck with a sorry MP3!

  2. I checked out that website earlier this month and will probably use it in the future. however, i’m pretty sure that paypal fees end up taking about the same amount as iTunes does – you still only end up with about 63 cents or something per $0.99 download. So i’m still up in the air about using it….

  3. grassrootsy Says:

    You can setup Paypal’s MicroPayment Rate. It will take less from every $1. More info here:

  4. Grassrootsy Says:

    […] THE ANSWER: I really love Bandcamp and I’ve written alot about these guys in the past. Here’s a good one: “Bandcamp – A Great Place to Pitch Your Tent“ […]

  5. […] love Bandcamp and I’ve written alot about these guys in the past. Here’s a good one: Bandcamp- A Great Place to Pitch Your […]

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