Monetizing Every Opportunity – 3 Lessons We Can Learn from Lysol

Having been very sick last week, the idea for this post popped into my head…

Remember last fall when the H1N1 epidemic was the biggest news story for weeks.  If you also remember, Lysol came out with a commercial stating that its products could kill 99.9% of the H1N1 Virus. And if you also remember, there was alot of backlash,  like this site, where angry consumers petitioned to have Lysol reword their ad since cleaners can only kill bacteria…not viruses. I don’t think they were successful.

First this first, when I saw this ad on TV, I was pretty peeved. Lysol was banking on the fear of the multitudes.  Can you imagine how many desperate mothers bought into this false advertising? And can you image how much money Lysol made. BUT I have to give Lysol credit for cleverly drawing attention to itself by tackling an issue that was already getting maximum exposure.

That said, here are 3 Lessons we as musicians can learn from Lysol (other than lying).

  1. Respond Immediately: If something major is going on and you can figure out how to work your music (or other business) into the mix, do it! See “Social Networking, Haiti, & The Musician” for more on this. And guess what?! Valentines Day is coming up. Put together a show with some local artists playing all the worst love songs ever written. Promote it and people will come because its timely.  Just an idea.
  2. Take A Little, Give A Lot: Lysol went as far as creating an FAQ page on their site with information on the H1N1 Virus. Consumers began to trust them as a source of valuable information…not just as a company that wants their money. In the same way, as artists, continually strive to give information. Let people know what you’re up to. Blog about your music. Tweet (or whatever you do) to keep the lines of communication open with your fans. Your personal touch will make your music more attractive.
  3. Make Sure the information is Relevant and Accessible: When you are directing people to your website, make sure you provide the information they expect, whether it’s about a show, your CD, or recent press.  Theres’ nothing more annoying than going to a website and not being able to easily find the information you need.

Also interested in your ideas. Leave them in the comments section.

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