Social Networking, Haiti, & The Musician

Phat Man Dee

If you’re following Grassrootsy on Facebook, you’ll remember a few days ago, I suggested that artists consider putting together a benefit concert in their city to help raise money for the crisis in Haiti. Well…i wanted to talk about the power of social networking as it relates to this specific idea…and even more specifically to a benefit that Pittsburgh wonder Phat Man Dee has quickly, in less than 5 days, turned into the talk of the town.

First, I want urge everyone reading this to DONATE in some shape or form to one of the many organizations helping the people of Haiti.  A list is below. If you are doing anything personally, please post a comment and let Grassrootsy readers know.

The Idea
On Wednesday, after the Earthquake in Haiti, Pittsburgh Jazz vocalist Phat Man Dee decided to put together an Event at the Shadow Lounge to raise money for the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund.  At that time, there were roughly 3 artists on the bill and a few hundred people invited. Over the next 3 days, various local artist (myself included) caught wind of the event on Facebook, contacted various event administrators to see if they were still looking for performers, and began to spread the word.  Currently, there are 16 performers on the bill, several thousand people invited, over 200 people confirmed, and over 430 “maybe” attendees.

Why It Works
I’ve never thought too highly about the idea of jumping on the bandwagon, but I’m certain that none of the artist who are part of this event signed on for any reason other than the fact that they want to help. BUT here is why this event is a win-win situation for everyone involved…

  • When an idea is hot, it is hot. And social networking only helps to make it hotter. The continuing conversation on Facebook is creating quite a buzz and I see it pop up in conversation a few times every day.
  • In extreme crisis, people want to help. Create a way for them to do this while using your talents. You’ll be doing a good thing and you’ll also be giving your art some much-needed exposure.
  • Exposure. At an event like this, it’s exciting to think of the possibilities for fan sharing. Each artist has done their part to get the word out and I believe we will all reap the benefits of working together when we leave the event each having made a boatload of new fans. We’ll also be seeing some traffic on our individual websites leading up to the event.

If you’ve got something Haiti-related going on that you’d like readers to know about, post it in the comments and let us know on the Facebook Page.

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2 Comments on “Social Networking, Haiti, & The Musician”

  1. Elizabeth Kivowitz Says:

    I am Phat Man Dee’s sister, we are also having a raffle at the event and am looking for anything anyone could donate to the cause… If anyone out there would like to donate anything from art, services, gift cards, gift baskets, please call me 412-758-6724…

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