Resolutions that Remain – Making Moves in Your Music

“Goals that are products of dreams are worth pursuing”

It’s the last week of the year.  Yea, official “New Year Resolutions” are highly overrated but goals are not. Take some time this week to really think about your life and your music.

Evaluate: Where were you last year and how far have you come?
I was hanging with a friend the other day. He said the holidays are a time of reflection. Each Christmas you see the same people – the same family and friends. The only difference is that you’re all 1 year older and you all have hopefully come just a little further in the pursuit of your purpose – whether that’s being a good dad, an accomplished businesswoman, or a successful musician. What have you done since last year?

Where do you want to see yourself this time next year?
Now, flash forward? This is a huge question. Where do you want to be next?  Where will you actually be? Can these two things be the same? Be realistic. Set achievable goals but don’t be afraid to dream a little.  Goals that are products of dreams are worth pursuing.

In what area of your music do you want to get better?
Pick that one thing that you really wanna focus on for the new year. LicensingTouringDeveloping Your Band? Social Networking? Then pick a few smaller areas that you would also like to give some attention.

Make plans and tell someone about it. Your goals become more tangible and more realistic when they actually exist in time and space. Not just thoughts. Your friends, family, and fans will hold you accountable when they know what you’re striving for. They will also try to help you.  I can’t stress how important this is.

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2 Comments on “Resolutions that Remain – Making Moves in Your Music”

  1. Car Says:

    great post loved it I want to keep putting out virtual e.p.’s hopefully 2 more by the end of next year going to release my first one later this week

  2. Danami Says:

    I’m going to be a great songwriter in 2010. Making top 10 Billboard music.

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