A Few Last Minute Ideas for the Holidays

“If you are selling CDs, downloads, and merch then you’re in the same business as the stores where you do your holiday shopping! Problem is you may not fully realize this. You need to compartmentalize if you’re going to maximize your success as an independent artist. Learn to think like a marketer, a salesperson, and a strategist. You shouldn’t sell shirts or CDs like a musician any more then you should play guitar like a retail executive. Play guitar like a guitar player and sell your products like a salesperson.”  – Scott James, “What’s Your Holiday Plan?

There’s technically one more week before the world shuts down and much of the United States stops to celebrate Christmas.  You might have missed Black Friday and other opportunities to promote yourself and your music during this season, but here’s your saving grace – a few ways to create buzz before (and even after) everything goes quiet.

Forget Hard Copies
At this point, mailing out merch in the hopes that it will arrive before Christmas is a gamble. On average, a shipment takes 3-5 business days so you’re cutting it close. You might want to focus on mp3s. But don’t forget to tell your fans that you can’t guarantee their package will arrive before Christmas if they’re fixed on getting a hard copy.

Mp3’s are Easy
They’re immediate!
It’s why mp3’s are so popular. You might not have much control over how much your music is being sold for on iTunes or Amazon mp3, but with the help of resources like Digstation and Bandcamp, you can set your own digital download prices and change them whenever you like.  So try it.  Do a two-day sale – make all downloads just 50 cents and see if anyone bites.

Note: Digstation is only available to artists who have had their CDs duplicated through Oasis or Discmakers.

“Pay What You Want” Pays
Let people pay what they want.  Tell your fans that, as a Christmas gift,  they can have your CD for whatever they are willing to give. My personal opinion is that this is the best way to go this late in the game. I highly recommend using Bandcamp for this.  Bandcamp allows you to upload audio files of your tunes, and offer it to fans in exchange for a fixed cost, a donation of any level, and/or an email address. Bandcamp doesn’t take any percentage of sales but simply requires that you have a Paypal account.

Set specific dates for this sale.  Consider making it an after-christmas sale where people can pay what they want for your CD, but only on Dec 26th. Be creative and clever.

If you have any other ideas on how your fellow musician can still make a bang for their buck during this season, please leave your comments below.

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