Being Your Own Publicist…Cause Nobody Does it Like You


While at a friend’s show a few days ago, it dawned on me that no matter how many photographers or reporters cover an event, no one can tell the story quite like the story. In other words, if YOU are the news, then you’ve got the best version and the best access to the story.  I think we as artists often forgot this, and for this reason, we look to others to give us the publicity we can easily give ourselves.

Don’t wait for other people to do what you yourself can do.  Yes, its great to ask for write-ups or coverage on a show (see How to Score Reviews of Your CD), but if you’re not having much success in that area, nothing stops you from doing it yourself. Here are a few ways…

Blog & Vlog
As I wrote in a former post (Blogs are still BIG!), video blogging (vlogging) is such a great way to tell a story to your fans. You can easily cover every aspect of an event in a short 3 minute video.  People will probably be more likely to watch than read your coverage.  It’s worth learning how to edit video as long as you’ve got a simple editor.  But if you don’t have access to a camera, don’t forge to blog regularly.

Take good pictures and make sure that everyone who sees them on facebook wishes they were there.  And don’t just take pictures of you behind your instrument. If you’re like me, then you’ve already got millions of shots of yourself with varying expressions on your face. Make sure to cover various aspects of the night: the crowd, other artists, and action photos in general. Posed photos are so boring (personal opinion).

Some people who tweet a play-by-play version of their show if they have consistent internet access.  Some people think that’s overkill. But either way, be sure to cover your show through twitter – before, after, and during.

Pictures With Famous People
It probably sounds lame, especially because I hate when other people do this, but I have a folder on my desktop of pictures I’ve taken with well-known artists I’ve played with.  Why? Because it’s proof that I shared a stage with an established act. Well…you can’t technically prove that you played the same show but people will have to take you at your word.  Having that picture is better than having nothing.  If your band has opened for big names, make sure you have proof.

Don’t have a camera?  Check this out and see why its important.

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