Free Things Your Fans Will Love #2


Joel Rakes

 If you’d like to show your fanbase a little love this year, here are some ideas.  After you try them, leave a note in the comments section and let us know how they work. And here’s the first post in this series: Free Things Your Fans Will Love.  

A Christmas Card
Think of Christmas time as a way to thank your fans for everything they’ve done for you throughout the year- their support, coming out to shows, buying your music, spreading your name. Put a pretty bow on your thank you.  Send your subscribers a digital card with a picture of yourself and friendly note.  Some people will read it. Some won’t. But those who read it will definitely appreciate it. 

A Free Christmas Tune
Nashville Artist Joel Rakes takes the cake on this one.  For three years, Rakes have been giving away a free download every week during the Christmas season.  That’s 3 years of free Christmas EPs!  This year he’s on Festive.Mood.Inducing.Music Vol.4

Think of this season as an opportunity to really build your fanbase. Free tunes are a great way to do this.  It’s much like a free concert.  You’ll earn the ear of people who might not go out of their way to discover you, otherwise.  Once you’ve earned their “trust” or their fanship, their likely to pay to see your or buy your music in the future.   

Joel Rakes also started an event invite on Facebook for his free tunes. With currently 207 people subscribed, that’s alot of people to send a free song each week.  And the number keeps rising.  What a great way to get you name out. But don’t get stressed, fans will appreciate one song a season just as much as a full EP. 

The Moral of the Story
Take a break from asking asking asking.  As artists, we’re continually asking people to give us money, vote for us in competitions, and come to our shows. Throw your fans a curve ball and do something nice for them. 


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2 Comments on “Free Things Your Fans Will Love #2”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by joel rakes and Cathy Runge, Susan J-R. Susan J-R said: RT @joelrakes: check out this cool little write up Grassrootsy blog did on my christmas music give away. […]

  2. muamar Says:

    happy new years 😀

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