Tips & Tricks for the Holiday and Any Day #2

This post is an extension of last year’s: Tips & Tricks for the Holiday and Any Day.  As mentioned in last week’s post, Creating a Black Friday Buzz, use the holidays to your advantage. I’ll likely be posting holiday-related marketing advice up until Christmas.

What are You Doing on Dec 26th?
Hurry…book a show in your hometown!  It might be too late for this, but who knows.  Not only is it the day after Christmas, but this year, it’s a Saturday! People will be clamoring for something to do and all your friends will be in town.  If you can still find a local venue that isn’t booked yet, snatch that date up and start planning! Here’s more on that.

Holiday Themed Show
Change things up a bit. Instead of doing a show with 1 or 2 other artists/bands on the bill, get 10 artists. Everyone does 1 or 2 songs.  Make stage time the least important thing.  Instead, focus on an entertaining evening of Christmas tunes where artists join each other on songs, do medleys, duos..etc. If each artists helps to get the word out, you’ve got yourself a pretty excellent night. Pittsburgh artist Jason Kendall is following a similar format for his Christmas CD Release. A few other holiday themed show ideas…

  • New Years Day: everyone has to sing a new song
  • Valentines Day: artists can online sing love songs
  • Earth Day: artists can only sing socially conscious, tree-hugger type songs
  • Thanksgiving: artist can only sing songs of gratitude

Food Drive & Cheap Tix.
And in going along with the show theme, why not make the gig a food drive? Do something worthwhile while doing something you love.  If tix are $7, tell people they can get in for $5 if they bring some non-perishable items. People will donate if it gets them a discount. And if you collaborate with a local charity, community organization,  or food bank they’ll most likely help  to promote the event. 

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