Creating a Black Friday Buzz


Well…Black Friday is 4 days away and its the most opportune time for any and all musicians to really push their product.  As much as I hate to write this blog, it’s a necessary one for every musician out there. Nothing like adding to the clutter of commercialism. *smirk*  In any case, seriously take the following suggestions to heart.

Give ’em A Deal They Can’t Pass Up
People love and buy into the idea of jaw dropping sales. We’ve all done it.  If your CD is normally $10, consider selling it  for $5 on Black Friday. You’ll make less money per unit, but you’ll sell more units and ultimately make more at the end of the day.  Free Shipping is also a major enticement. There’s no kicker like thinking you’re only spending $10 on a CD and then realizing that you have to fork out another $2 for shipping.  Entice your fans with a $5 CD with free shipping and you’ve got a sale that’s hard to pass up. Or how about a free CD with every T-shirt order?

Create a Sense of Urgency
Maybe its a one-day sale, a one-weekend sale, or a one-month sale. Whatever you do, make sure your fans know that it won’t last forever.  Give them a heads up of when the sale will start, and a few friendly (but not pushy) reminders during the course of the promo.  Also encourage people to make all of their purchases as soon as possible because mail takes longer to reach its destination during the holiday season.   

Bundles You Can’t Beat
Every artist I’ve ever talked to, who has tried the bundle approach, says it works.  Put your products together.  Here’s an excellent quotable from independent artist Dana Detrick-Clark… 

  • “Besides doing a holiday themed CD (which we’ve also done), package the CD in “gift” bundles with either other CDs, or with other products that create a full package that someone could easily use as a present. It’s one way to expose your music to new people, and it’s a great way to entice your fans to gift your music to a friend – and create new fans in the process!”

Check out TJ Cornwall‘s site for an idea on how to set up your merch store and bundles.

Make Sure its Obvious
Your links should be clean and lead right to the product offer.  Don’t make people fish around for a sale.  Make it as easy as possible for someone to purchase your merch. In addition, everyone should know about the sale. Ya, you can email your newsletter subscribers, but make sure those who aren’t on your mailing list can find out just as easily.  Put information about the sale on your homepage and myspace so random visitors can also take you up on the offer. Tweet about it. Put it in your email signature. Make sure it’s visible on your Facebook Page or Group.

Spice it Up
Make it eye-catching and organized. Put together artwork to drive the point home.  Here’s something I put together for the Christmas promo I ran last year:

click for a newsletter example


If you or your band have an excellent “black friday” sale going on, post a comment with a link to your page and I’ll likely compile it for an upcoming blog. Also check back over the next few weeks for other posts on how to make the most of the holiday season.
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7 Comments on “Creating a Black Friday Buzz”

  1. thanks for the tips! i was already going to do a black friday sale and this info helps 🙂

  2. Jay Broyer Says:

    Hi Joy,

    I was actually thinking about this last night and then I see your article today. I have been working on a new wordpress site this weekend (which made me wonder why i ever went with squarespace for my current site) and I was thinking about a Black Friday pre-order sale for my new album.

    The cd’s aren’t pressed yet but should be ready soon. I was thinking like a $4 Black Friday CD + Digital bundle where you pre-order the disc and it ships on release day and you get the digital files immediately.

    I’m just not sure i can pull it off last minute lol, lots of pre-release work going on at the moment.

    thanks again for an excellent article.


  3. grassrootsy Says:

    Ya, I’m running into the same issue, Jay. Trying to revamp my merch page by Thursday night. Check on Friday to see what I come up.

  4. Great advice,Joy! I’ll be using it for some of my non-music merch this upcoming Black Friday.

  5. accoftElict Says:

    I really enjoyed reading this article, keep on making such exciting posts!

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  7. […] 9. Give them a deal they can’t refuse. Have a few items on your merch table? Sell them in bundles. 1 CD for $10. 2 for $15. 3 or $20. Yea, this is a useful tip whether you’re touring or not…but you’ll be able to cover traveling expenses alot easier if you do bundle deals. More on this: Creating a Black Friday Buzz. […]

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