Dream BIG, Start small


As independent artists, our job is to do what the labels do without the money or network that labels have. See Thinking Outside the Box – Thinking like a Record Label).  It’s an overwhelming task and chances are that you’ll never be able to do it like the “big guys”. But there are ways to make this job easier.

Many independent artist have found success by compartmentalizing and working to conquer one territory (or one facet of the music business) at a time. Take Grassrootsy favorite Allison Weiss for example. She says she went from open mics, to coffeehouses, to clubs, before even moving on to regional touring.  Here are some thoughts on the matter.

Vision: Think Big
Too much vision never hurt anybody; but an overly zealous attitude can be detrimental. We’ve all heard the expression “Don’t bite off more than you can chew”, and it’s especially relevant in this case. See Less is More: Keeping it Simple On Stage and Off. Remember to write your vision down.  Even if some parts seem unrealistic,write it all down. 

Start Small
Big jobs seem easier when they’re split into small jobs.  Every month, think of one thing you want to work on to promote yourself.  Possibilities include: spending time getting your website up to speed, teaching yourself a little bit of html and photoshop, familiarizing yourself with various new social networks and the best ways to use them, attending as many open mics as possible…etc.

Starting small also has alot to do with your monetary investments. Spend a little here and there. Compare the amount of money you spend on your music to the amount of time you spend.  If you’re only working on your music for 5 hours a week (20 hours a month), don’t spend $300 a month on it. That doesn’t make any sense. It’s like spending $15 every hour or $75  a week. If you can’t afford it, don’t do it.

Evaluating Yourself
Each year of your musical journey, you should be asking yourself if you’ve made bigger moves than the year before.  Are you getting bigger opportunities? Are you getting more traffic on your websites? Are you bringing in more money? Is your fanbase a little bit bigger than it was a year ago? These are all important questions that cannot be answered over night. Take a second and compare where you are now to where you were this time last year. Serious…do it!

Check back on Wednesday for some thoughts on being a Big fish in a small town vs. being a small fish in a big town.  What are the pros and cons?

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