Incredible Resources You’ve Never Heard About #6

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It’s another installment of a very necessary series.  Check out past write-ups on new and hardly heard of resources for musicians. Read below for a new ones. 

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Incredible Resources You’ve Never Heard About #

Gig Masters
Sometimes you need to put money in to get it back out.  For this reason, give Gig Masters a try. I’ve personally tried it out…and it works (and they should pay me for this free advertising)! Whether you’re a DJ, singer-songwriter, live band, or other entertainer, Gig Masters has solid connections with corporations, individuals, and special events looking to book entertainment.

How does it work?  GM servers two clients – 1.) You the artists, and 2.) Event planners looking for entertainment.  You upload your songs, photos, a bio (and additional information), and bookers look through GM’s extensive list for the artist that fits the bill for their event.

From personal experience, GM exists to serve the clueless secretary in search of the perfect blues band for her companies corporate party, or the wedding planner who needs a 90s rock band for her bride’s wedding. GM is a savior to nursing home managers who don’t know where to find an oldies band for the bingo bash or Salsa clubs that need a live Latin band.  In other words, if you’re a singer-songwriter or band looking to get booked in your local venue, GM is probably not the way to go.  But it is a solid source for paid gigs in the way of private parties, special events, and corporate get-togethers.

As an artist subscribing to this service, you are given the option of signing on at various payment levels, depending on how far you’d like to travel for a gig, how many genres you would like to submit yourself to, and how much space you are given to upload information.  Obviously artists who pay less, can upload fewer songs, and only accept gigs within a certain mile radius. But you set the price (i.e. how much you are interested in being paid for a gig and how far you are willing to drive for a gig (within your subscription level limitations). Here’s what an artist page looks like.

Now, if you put yourself in the shoes of a wedding coordinator who needs a harpist to play background music at a wedding in Portland, here are your options.  And if she needs a funk/soul/blues band to play at the reception, here are her options.  My suggestion is to have an excellent press photo because that’s the first thing people will see.

Thanks to Jason Kendall for passing on this resource.

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3 Comments on “Incredible Resources You’ve Never Heard About #6”

  1. molly Says:

    these are wonderful resources, and I truly appreciate you sharing them with us. One question, for example, I am a classically trained vocalist/singer/songwriter/performer/composer, and I am interested in doing parties and weddings, etc. and although you mention it is not as resourceful for songwriters to join “gigmasters’ if they advertise that they can write a song specifically tailored to what the bride and groom request, or perhaps they set the bride/groom(s) poetry, vows, etc. to music, songwriters can expand their horizons, create a nice following and receive an outstanding reputation, as well as receive some extra moolah for being absolutely original. Sure you could have any wedding singer, but why not have a vocalist that will hand tailor your wedding music to fit and beautifully compliment YOUR wedding? 🙂

  2. grassrootsy Says:

    I think gigmasters is definitely resourceful for singer songwriters…especially if you want something that will bring in money while you concentrate on self-booking venues. Maybe there is a market for all the things you’ve mentioned. You never know unless you try.

  3. Ramirez Says:

    the wedding planner shouldn’t ask for help,that’s why he i a planner,and if he worked with a wedding vendor i think they both do some great work.

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