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Sam & Ruby

Maybe it sounds counter intuitive since press is supposed to promote you; however promoting your press will not only build your credibility, but it will also help you garner additional press. Chances are, whoever is writing about you, has a much bigger platform than you do.  Take advantage of that.

It’s not an easy thing to get a magazine or newspaper to write a review (read How to Score Reviews of Your CD).  But, once they do, take special care of that endorsement. What are you doing to spread the word to make sure people know that you’re being talked about?  Here are some thoughts on the matter

Why Would Someone Want to Know You’ve Been Reviewed?
Think of your website as one big advertisement. You create the content and you have control over what people know about you. This means that you’ve taken the opportunity to make yourself sound as good as possible. But if you take a poll, you’ll quickly realize that no one buys a magazine for the ads on every other page, and no one watches TV for its commercials (except the Superbowl, of course).  People take in media to see what’s being said about their favorite stars, to hear conversation about new music, movies…etc.

In other words, the public values an unbiased, third-party opinion. It’s the very reason no one watches Infomercials.  Prospective “buyers”  will put more value on your “product” when someone else (other than yourself) gives it a thumbs up.

It’s all about giving things their proper placement. Consider these ideas…

  • Work any media  recognition into your bio. Instead of talking about what you’ve done with your music, talk about what others have done. Here’s a clip from Katie Herzig’s Bio:
  • Katie has toured with the Tenn out of Tenn tour, Hotel Café Tour, PASTE Magazine songwriter tour and has supported national acts such as The Fray, Brandi Carlile, Shawn Colvin, Aqualung and others. In 2008, Katie is featured in Billboard Magazine’s “Now Hear This” as well as one of PASTE Magazine’s 25 “Best of What’s Next” Artists.”
  • Put endorsements on your homepage. Nashville artists Sam & Ruby get a thumbs up for this.
  • If you visit their homepage, you’ll see one of their songs was featured in the 2008 Blockbuster , The Secret Life of Bees. That’s a pretty big foot-in-the-door that can catapult a CD’s success to the next level. In fact, in a recent interview, Sam & Ruby said they sped up the production of their CD so they could release it at the same time as the movie.  That’s called using a huge opportunity to your advantage and building on momentum.
  • Also, check out Sam and Ruby’s myspace…as they put endorsements in the “About” section instead of a traditional bio.

Lastly, avoid sketchy-looking endorsements. If a radio host said he liked your CD but didn’t say anything concrete, don’t use it.  Make sure all quotes are as real as possible.  “John Doe of ABCF-FM likes the CD” doesn’t carry any weight.  And remember, the press certainly doesn’t need your help in publicizing their review/endorsement of your CD, but you do! 

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