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As I took some time to lightly revamp the grassrootsy site this weekend (check the sidebar), I noticed that, for a number of reasons, Grassrootsy has not been a completely functional website.  Yes, the information is useful, timely, and hopefully relevant on a weekly basis; but there were a couple things that needed to be changed and rearranged in order to make navigation easier, clearer, and quicker.  In the process, i began to delve into RSS, and its relevance to both this site and yours.

What is RSS?
You’ll notice that there is now an RSS icon at the top right of the page (that silver square thing). After running this website for nearly a year, I’ve noticed that the number of Grassrootsy visitors does not always translate into Grassrootsy subscribers.  Some people don’t want a message in their inbox telling them that a new blog has been posted. They’d rather be informed through their RSS feed reader- which lists updates for every blog an individual chooses to subscribe to. 

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”. It is a way to easily distribute a list of headlines, update notices, and sometimes content to a wide number of people. It is used by computer programs that organize those headlines and notices for easy reading.

So how does this apply to you?  If you have a blog, or maintain some type of site that can generate RSS feeds, your reader can subscribe to your feed by clicking on the RSS image. Why do you want them to do this? Because you’ll be gaining a consistent visitor to your website without having to send that person an email reminder that your blog has new content.  The beauty of RSS is that you dont have to do a thing. When you’ve posted your blog (or news update), a small portion of your post gets sent to your subscribers RSS feed reader.   

Make sure that RSS image is visible!  And make sure it links directly to the feed page giving readers the option to subscribe.  Test out the Grassrootsy RSS icon below to give it a try (and subscribe if you like).  You know you wanna!

Note: If you’d rather not use an image, you can opt for a hyperlink, but images tend to catch the eye more successfully.  Also, it’s definitely recommended that you still keep a newsletter signup, because not everyone has caught onto the RSS phenomenon.

Facebook and Feeds
Facebook allows your friends to subscribe to your feeds (i.e. updated wall posts, links, notes) and also allows you to consolidate all your facebook activity into a feed. In other words, instead of getting repeated emails when peope write on your wall, send you a message, or add you as a friend, your feed will have that information all in one place. Gotta love it!

Benefits of RSS
*increase traffic to your site
*keep the connection between you and your fans
*its like sending an email update except you’re not sending an email and they’re not getting spam
*appeal to a generation of extremely technically-saavy web surfers

Good Reading on RSS
Simple, short, easy-to-understand info on RSS:
A basic tutorial on RSS: What  is RSS?
The importance of having a blog: Blogs are still BIG!
A really excellent, brief video tutorial about RSS: What is RSS?

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