Blogs are still BIG!

Hiram Ring

Hiram Ring

They don’t seem as popular anymore. But blogs aren’t dead…at least not yet!  In the past few weeks I’ve found myself reading more blogs and have also had a few conversations with people hoping to start blogs in order to better-connect with their fans. So here are some thoughts on what gives a blog a good name and consistent readership.

Remind people that you’re human
I’m finding that the more someone blogs about every-day things, the more interested I am in themwho they are. Maybe you feel the same way. Maybe you don’t.  There’s nothing worse than someone pretending that they’re more interesting than they actually are.  If you’re music career isn’t all that glamorous, don’t drum it up to be something extra special. Blog about funny things that happened on the way to your gig…or blog about random things that readers might find interesting. 

It all really comes down to how much you want people to know about YOU. I’ve noticed that Derek Sivers, the music marketing “guru”, has begun to blog more regularly about non-music related ideas. Last week he sent out a blog post ( about what it means to “like” someone, “love” someone, and be “in love” with someone.  I’m sure some people were a bit annoyed by this post (including myself), but regardless of its relevance, Sivers engaged his audience in a non-music related conversation.  The post earned over 1200 comments from readers.

Try a Vlog or Plog (made Plog up)
Because the attention span of the average web surfer is getting shorter and shorter (don’t know how to prove this, but it’s a floating statistic), find ways to stimulate your web visitors interest.  Try video blogs (vlogs) or picture blogs (plogs).  There’s nothing better than accompanying your words with videos.   Most readers will not read your blog from start to finish. So put in a short video to help break things up, or to appeal to those who don’t want to read.  Good friend, Hiram Ring, does this and it seems to be working. Check out his blog.

Make Sure Your Blog Isn’t Just One Huge Advertisement
Yes, a blog is one of many ways to build faithful supporters and people interested in who you are as a musician and person. BUT, if you’re not genuine and only use your platform as a way to proselytize, you fans won’t hang around for very long.

TCPR recently posted some excellent tips for maintaining a blog.  Go check it out.  And remember: anything with quality will thrive with consistency and hard work.  If you’re putting a little effort into your blog, people will continue to visit, and maybe even subscribe.

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5 Comments on “Blogs are still BIG!”

  1. Excellent tips.
    I am always the first one to admit that I’m not as cool as I think I am, haha.
    Sweet blog though. 🙂

  2. John Dargan Says:

    As usual, you have great thoughts to share. I agree that blogs are a very powerful tool. Connecting with the fans is hugely important, and blogs are a wonderful (and generally free) way to do it. I personally subscribe to musician blogs whenever I can so that I can stay in touch with the music industry.

  3. Danami Says:

    Nice article. Very helpful in my artistry regarding perfecting my blog.

  4. grassrootsy Says:

    another thing to the readers. If you decide to go the Vlog route, you don’t actually have to upload you own videos. If you don’t have a camera, don’t have time to shoot video, or don’t have time to edit video, you’ve got millions to pick from via YouTube. That’s the beautfy of html and embedding code.

  5. […] Grassrootsy grassroots marketing for independent artists « Blogs are still BIG! […]

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