Same Message, Different Approach

Emerson Taymor's pop-up doll business cards

Emerson Taymor's pop-up doll business cards

Everyone knows our media-saavy culture suffers from information overload, but no one has driven the point home like MSN’s Bing Commercials.  There’s nothing new under the sun and everything’s already been said.  This is why saying the same thing in new ways is the only way to stand out from your competitors, catch people off guard, and suprise the unsuspecting.  Check out this Bing commercial.

Something Especially Clever
I randomly came across Emerson Taymor as I was looking for business card companies and now I am a huge fan!  Taymor is a photographer and website/graphic designer based in Los Angelese, CA. His business cards, pop-up dolls of his body, are the kind that people hold onto for more than a day…like collector’s items 🙂  Taymor says the following,

“Self promotion is something I pride myself on. I take advantage of the popularity of my initials (ET). My logo is a monogram, stylistically created to be modern, trendy, sexy, classy and clean. It can be set or placed over a wide range of colors. My business cards, which have become somewhat of a internet and real life hit, came to me somewhat at random. I really wanted to sell myself, not just as a designer, but as a person. Many designers are hidden behind their work, but I wanted to be my work and myself to work hand in hand. I want people to know they are not only hiring a talented designer, but a people person; someone that they would enjoy the company of. Obviously the cards come flat, but you can make them into a pop-up doll and sit them on your desk.”

 Innovative ideas from others (check out these posts for ideas on what others have done)
*Mitch Bell uses the pizza guy to include his flyers with pizza deliveries
*Allison Weiss raffles off a free CD at each show among the people who signs up for her newsletter
*Ari Hest lets his fans pick the songs to put on the CD & *Amy Kuney tours middle schools and high school
*Chris McDonald creates video shorts based on a fictional character – his alter ego 🙂

(these are just a few. there are plenty more on Grassrootsy)

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One Comment on “Same Message, Different Approach”

  1. Molly Says:

    I love this post, and the Business cards are absolutely fantastic. You are absolutely right in your first statement that everything has already been said and done, and that the only way to match up to other competitors and gain fans is by saying the same things in new and innovative ways. Absolutely wonderful and completely true.

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