The Wonderful World of Widgets


Under Spinning Lights

Under Spinning Lights

What’s the easiest way to increase traffic to your sites?  Widgets. Don’t know what a widget is? Check out this post from back in February: Creating Content – Giving People Something to Talk About #2

I think we all often underestimate the power of little, seemingly insignificant things. Many people haven’t seen the value of incorporating widgets into thier sites or just haven’t thought too hard about it. Last week I finally got around to incorporating a Twitter widget into the homepage of my website and noticed that the number of people following me on twitter climbed faster than it ever had in the past.

Widgets Give Meaning to “The Power of Suggestion”
Incorporating widgets into your website doesn’t require html knowledge but would make things a little bit easier.  There are so many websites out there that offer widget codes for every social network.  For example, Facebook offers a widget that you can work into your website…which will ultimately direct traffic to you facebook page, help you to add fans, and keep people in the know about what you’re up to.  Many of your fans probably already have facebook pages, but aren’t connected to you- not becuase they don’t want to, but because it hasn’t crossed their mind.  And this is why using widgets is important. The power of suggestions.

Long Island pop/punk band Under Spinning Lights gets 5 stars for their saavy incorporation of the twitter widget into their myspace page. If you scroll down on the left, you’ll see how they’ve set up twitter accounts for each band member and set up each “twidget” by the band members face, thu creating an opportunity for fans to follow one or all of these guys.

Also check out how the’ve incorporated social networking icons into the green bar at the top of their page.  They either got some help or one of them is a design genius.  In any case, the page is clean and they’ve given their fans a opportunity to discover them on a various other sites including purevolume, buzznet, and Amazonmp3.

Some Help
Now if you don’t have html knowledge, here are a few sites that will help you create simple widgets for you page(s).

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