Incredible Resources You’ve Never Heard About #5


Over the past few years, several music-related websites have increased in popularity due to the fact that they put every-day people in charge of the decision-making.  Sites like iLike  allow users to vote their favorite artists into the limelight.  It’s much like the blog phenomenon that took place 5 years ago; everyday bloggers became the go-to source for reviews on books, movies, and music…whereas 10 years ago, only official review sites were thought to be credible.

That said, here are a few resources that are taking the place of traditional music review sites.

TheSixtyOne describes itself as a website that “makes music culture more democratic: artists upload their work for review, but rather than allow a stuffy suit in a boardroom to decide what’s good, thousands of listeners do.”

TheSixtyOne is one of the sites that will gain much popularity in the coming year.  It’s a great thing when a bunch of random music lovers and makers, like yourself, can determine what everyone hears…as opposed to pop radio stations that play the “Top 10”, five times a day. TheSixtyOne organizes submitted music according to “top songs”, “hot right now”, “recently posted”, and “creative commons”.   Your song rises in ranking depending on how many times a listener votes for it.  Users can also create social groups to talk about specific genres and types of songs.  Based on user picks, TheSixtyOne also acts as a radio station, playing the top songs.

I did a  quick search on this site and realized that Grassrootsy has never mentioned Ourstage – one of the primary “fans decide” resources out there.  I’ve heard nothing but good things about Ourstage and have even had a few close friends get on the “Top 10” chart of their specific genre. So assuming that some readers are unfamiliar with the site, here’s a quick look.

Ourstage is often described as a community talent contest. Visitors vote on music in genres ranging from hip-hop, folk, gospel, hard rock, singer/songwriter, and some 30+ others.  Ourstage calls each primary category a “channel”. Each month, the top 10 songs in each channel go head-to-head for $100.  The winner from each channel competes for $5,000. Ourstage runs many other contests but to get an idea of how it works, visit their contest page.

Artists can also create a fan page, for fans to join.  I know its sounds like another myspace or facebook, but its a great way to keep your voters interested in your music and keep the communication going long after the voting is done. It’ll aslo give you a committed group of people that will probably vote for you when you enter a song into a future contest.

The wonderful thing about Ourstage is that you’re not likely to be familiar with any of the artists on the website. It has gained a strong reputation for being a place to experience fresh, new, underground and undiscovered music.


If you’re familiar with any other similar democratice resources out there, please post below. Grassrootsy thrives on new information.

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