Setting the Record Straight: Reminding People You Still Exist

Jon Foreman + Sean Watkins = Fiction Family

Jon Foreman + Sean Watkins = Fiction Family

Every artist goes through it – that slump where suddenly everyone’s forgotten about you.  You put out a CD and everyone talking about it for two months. And then, all of a sudden, no more emails, fewer hits on your myspace, and fewer bookings.

This is why they say the music industy is so fickle. People only love you for a minute. Then they move on to “the next big thing.”  Here are some ideas on keeping the momentum going.

Trying new things
It’s like they say: If you want to go where you’ve never gone, you’ve gotta do things you’ve never done. What trees haven’t you climbed? What social networking sites haven’t you taken advantage of? What demographic haven’t you aimed for just yet?  Maybe you’ve oversaturated your current following with too much communication. This calls for widening your fanbase and going after a new crowd.  Give the others a break (but not for too long).

Give people options
Ok, so maybe people know you as the band that rocks big theaters and huge crowds and folk festivals. So, come fall, try something new…something more intimate. Have your band do an acoustic tour.  Or vise versa.  Take Fiction Family for example. Jon Foreman of Switchfoot, and Sean Watkins of Nickel Creek have created an electroacoustic duo that is drastically different from each of their bands. Not only are they giving fans something different and new, but they’re also getting a new following of people who probably prefer Fiction Family over Switchfoot or Nickel Creek.

Zeal = Momentum
Are you still excited? Even though you’re not pushing a new CD, do you still have that same zeal you had when you were trying to set up radio interviews and reviews?  Many times others’ zeal dies down b/c our zeal has. And don’t even try to relax after your CD release. If anything, start kicking it up a notch.  Keep pushing for publicity opportunities. Keep booking shows like tomorrow will never come. Check out this post about keeping momentum: Making the Best of a Good Situation

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