Straight From the Mouth of The Big Guys


Over the past 8 months, a few industry execs have come across Grassrootsy posts featuring their products.  See what they have to say about why resources such as Oasis, Tuncore, and Artist Data are so great…

1.] Posted by Brenden Mulligan (ArtistData CEO) in response toIncredible Resources You’ve Never Heard About #1
Thanks for the fantastic writeup. We’re really appreciative. Just a clarification, we have a big list of supported sites and services, and work with them all differently. But we strive to hook you into the important ones and get your information as many places as possible. Take care!

2.] Posted by 
Micah Solomon (President of Oasis Disc) in response toStarting from Scratch: What it takes to Release a CD
ere at my company, Oasis Disc Manufacturing, we **include** the opportunity to sell your music at itunes, napster, and dozens of other reputable sites, and the sale of your CD at CD Baby. There is no additional charge. Check out this direct link for more info: Plus we promote your music to more than 400 radio stations on our OasisSampler radio CD sampler in your chosen genre. We have genres ranging from OasisAcoustic (that one goes to more than 700 stations) to OasisUrban, from OasisAlternative to OasisUnderground to OasisRock&Roots to OasisBlues to OasisJazz to OasisAmbient to… You also get the complete radio list it was sent to so you can follow up as you see fit. Again, there is no additional charge for this service.

There is a page I’ve set up where you can get a sample of the Oasis radio sampler for our clients that I mention above and more complete information on the iTunes and other distribution you discuss as well. We can only currently ship these within the 50 united states, for which I apologize, but I would love for you to have them. Here’s the direct link.

3.] Posted by Peter Wells (Senior Vice President of Tunecore) in response toAlternatives – CD Packaging, Production, & Distribution
Thanks for the mention! We really do try to do it right. If you or your readers have any questions about the industry, feel free to write me. Thanks! –Peter (

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