Incredible Resources You’ve Never Heard About #4


Allison Weiss

Allison Weiss

I especially love writing this series b/c it tends to get the most feedback from artists.  To see other posts in the “Incredible Resources” series, click here.

Ok, I ran into Kickstarter last month, and I LOVE the concept. Chances are that you fall into the same category as most aspiring artist – lotta passion, little funds. Kickstarter offers a way for you to solicit pledges from you fanbase in return for a whole bunch of different rewards.

How’s it work?  Lets say you have a goal to raise $5000 for your next CD (to cover recording, artwork, duplication…etc).  Start an account with Kickstarter and start asking your fans to support you. Through Kickstarter, you can raise funds and offer your fans compensation in the form of a free CD (once the project is finished), free admission to 1 or many of your upcoming shows, free merch, or whatever creative ideas you come up with. It’s a novel idea, really. 

I happened upon Allison Weis Kickstarter page today and girls got it together!  She’s raise over $6,000 even though she only aimed for $2000 to cover the first print-run of her project  Thats 314%. Sweet!  Her pledge amounts range from is $1 to $2500 and she offers excellent incentives to her fans depending on how much they decide to give.  She’s aso created an amusing informational video to tell her fans more about the process.  Now, keep in mind that Allison Weiss  is a “well-known” indie artist so she’s got a much larger fanbase (hence more supporters). But also keep in mind that she is independent and does 100% of her marketing. 

Other Need-to-knows about Kickstarter

  • ***KS offers a widget that you can place on your website/myspace that automatically updates itself on how far you are in the pledging process.
  • ***KS will not let you collect the money until your goal has been reached. So if you have a $1000 goal but only reach $999, you can’t collect the money.  If anything, this will encourage you to be proactive in asking your supporters for $. 
  • ***KS allows you to collect the $ through an account with Amazon. Amazon takes a small percentage (though that fee is currently being waived)! 
  • ***KS service is FREE!!!  Yes FREE!  So you don’t have to pay anything or worry about them taking a cut from your raised funds.  They’ve acknowledged that they might charge in the future, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Things You Should Keep in Mind

  • ***KS is a service much like paypal. They handle the $ but you gotta follow thru.  Don’t collect money from fans and then use it for something else. That’s dishonest and WRONG!  And if you’re gonna offer incentives, you better make sure you keep your promise.
  • ***If you like their business model, take advantage of KS while its still free!  If you’ve used KS before, please leave a comment and tell grassrootsy readers of your experience.
  • ***I have not personally used KS but I’m seriously considering going this route for my next project.  This post is based off of the information I’ve read. If it is incorrect in any, please let me know. Give it a try for yourself and as previously stated, let us know how it goes!
  • ***Start building your credibility.  Even if you’re not in the process of recording a project, start proving that you are trustworthy. When the time comes, people will give you money if they know you will put it to good use.

 Lastly, head to this page to read up on everything you need to know about Kickstarter. Also check out Allison Weiss’ myspace.  She’s a great example to follow.

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