Social Networking in 1 Minute

napkin status update

napkin status update

Here are a few things that seriously only take 1 minute, but will ultimately make a load of difference.
A little invite never hurt anyone
Each time someone adds you as a friend on facebook or myspace, send them a link and invite them to join your FB music group or fan page.  You can leave the link as a comment on their page or in a msg.  Something simple like: “Hey, thanks for the add, if you’re interested in knowing more about my music, check out the facebook group: I send semi-regular updates and do occasional giveaways.”

It might seem like an insignificant act to add one single person, but if you do this for each person who requests you as a friend, you’ll be suprised at how quickly your FB following will grow.  Don’t have a facebook group or fan page?  Hmmmm…i definitely suggest changing that.

Who’s adding you?
Be aware of who’s adding you. When you receive freind requests (whether its on FB or myspace), just take a minute to check out the person/organizations page.  See what city the individual is from.  If they’re from DC and you happen to be in DC next month, you can lv them a short comment mentioning that you’ll be coming through their town. If an organization or company has aded you, then take a few seconds to see what they’re about. You might learn something or even get the urge to contact them and inquire about more information.

Post something new every few hours
Yep, they’ve all got it now! Myspace, Facebook, Twitter (and others) thrive on status updates. Be sure to post a new update every few hours. Music related or not. People will read it even if they don’t always respond.  If you’ve got nothing to say, just put up a link to your website.

An alarming number of my music comrades have begun to use ArtistData to not only update all their show calendars on various social networking sites, but also to post status updates on those same sites. Read this former post for more information on all that ArtistData can do: Incredible Resources You’ve Never Heard About #1.  Be sure to visit their site as well, b/c alot has changed/improved since that post was written.

If you have simple, quick social networking ideas to suggest, please post them in comment.  To read more about Social Networking and information overload, check out this post: The Negatives & Positives of Information Overload.
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