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Dana Alexandra

Dana Alexandra

This is a simple post brought on by the lack of time to write something longer 🙂 and the same question that several people have been asking me lately…”Can you give me any tips for booking college venues.”

Ding Ding!
Well you’re smart if you’re thinking about booking college venues.  If you think about it, the semester starts in 6 weeks! This is prime time to start booking your college venues.  On a quick trip to Dana Alexandra’s calendar last weekend, I was blown away to see that her college tour is fully booked. through the end of the year!  Kind of makes you want to get your sh– together, huh?!

I dunno if Dana is booking her own gigs based off past contacts, or if she’s working through NACA, or working with a booking agent; but either way, she’s got it together…so let’s follow suit!

Read This!
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Other Thoughts on College Booking
Consider getting a booking agent…just for colleges.  Look for someone who has experience in booking college gigs. You will most likely need to pay them a monthly fee or a percentage of what you make, but they’ll have the contacts you need and you’ll probably make more money than trying to do it on your own. 

Consider the fact that colleges venues are a unique market.  You have students from all different parts of the country in one room.  The college market is an excellent way to spread your name futher than the city your in. If they like you, students can/will spread your name to their friends on campus and back home.

Because colleges often pay pretty good money to have you play, consider giving your CD away or cutting the price down to encourage students to get a copy.  Because the average college student is broke!

That’s all for now. if you have any tips, post them below under comments.

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