Stand-out Artists and What We Can Learn from Them #3

Ari Hest

Ari Hest

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Artist #1: Ari Hest
Brooklyn, New York’s Ari Hest stands out for several reasons.  Aside from his excellent vocals and simple tunes, Ari has found a way to engage his fans by making them a part of the music-making process. In 2008, he made it his goal to write, record, and release one song per week for all 52 weeks.

According to Ari, the concept was a huge success. He gained over 1000 subscribers who willingly paid for each weekly download, but also had people pay for songs individually if they only liked certain ones.  Read all about it here.  Even though the 2008 project is over, fans can and still do buy specific mp3s or all 52 songs in the collection.

And now…for the kicker: Ari’s latest CD, appropriately titled Twelve Mondays, which was released in March ’09, is a compilation of 12 of the 52 songs – handpicked by his fans. 

If you think about it, the whole year of 2008 was one huge publicity campaign in preparation of his 2009 release.  As Ari continually provided fresh material for his fans on a weekly basis (which kept them coming back), word spread and he was able to maintain the attention of his audience. What a genius idea!

The most important thing about this project was that Ari did not release “crap” on a weekly basis.  Even though his time was limited, he produced excellent music which ultimately proves that people will support you if you’re good and hard working. Visit his myspace.

Amy Kuney

Amy Kuney

  Artist #2: Amy Kuney
Los Angeles artists Amy Kuney, has found a niche market that the average artist would never think to pursue – middle school and highschool students.  Check out this letter she’s posted on her website:

Attn. All STUDENTS – Fall High/Middle School Tour:

So I’ve been touring middle and high schools and I’m loving it so much that I’m going to do it again in the fall. If you are a student and would like for me to play at your school, please email: Audrey Marshall at

Include the following information:
1. Your Name
2. Your School’s Name
3. Where Your School Is Located
4. Your Principal’s full name and email address

I’ll do my best to make it happen!

While it’s often hard to be completely innovative and think outside the box, aim to be original in your  musical pursuits. That might not necessarily involve singing to 6th graders, but there’s always a way to be different.


Thanks for reading, please continue to pass this on to your fellow music-makers.
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