A Couple Things Every Artist Should Have #3

http://www.myspace.com/spacesoultronica Chris McDonald aka Sale the Salesman

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A YouTube account
Soul/Electonica artist Chris McDonald has the right idea.  In anticipation of his forthcoming CD, Life of a Salesman, McDonald puts together 3 minute comedic video shorts featuring himself as Sal the Salesman.  Check em out. Not only is this an excellent way to build hype, but videos allow you to engage with your audience in a way that you just can’t do via audio or photo.  Consider opening a youtube account and posting a new video every 2 weeks (every week if you can).  It will pay offf…and will be the best/fast/easiest way for fans to get to know you better.  p.s. videos don’t necessarily have to be about your music…maybe something that just shows of your personality.

The Simplest, Most Straightforward merch store
When it comes to making money, don’t mess around w/ the potential to pull in supporters.  If your information is confusing, cluttered, or too much, you’ll miss out on sales, and web traffic.  Keep it cut-in-dry…especially on myspace.  Check out Mary Bragg’s music store.  Also visit her store on her official site.  It’s incredible and a perfect example of offering perfectly clear/concise information! Her store is powered by IndieKazoo. Check ’em out. They’re fabulous.

A header banner image on your myspace
Why not? Alot of artists are doing it these days and its just a great way to welcome ppl to your site.  Include an image of yourself or your band at the very top of your myspace. Visit Transmissor’s page for an example.  Why are headers important? Considering that it’s the first thing a person sees when they get to your page, a header is your chance to catch their eye and tell them your most important fact….like the an upcoming major show, or the release of a new CD. Visit Tommy and the Whale’s page for an example. 

To learn how to put up your own image on your page, check out this post on webupon.com: 10 Fun Websites to Create Your Own Free Banner.


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