Music & Current Economic Challenges #1

Kings of Tragedy

Kings of Tragedy

If you’re like me, your starting to notice that funding is being/has been cut for many organizations and art initiatives in your city. Fewer art and community festivals and smaller budgets.  That sucks.  If you’re an independent artist trying to make a living, it’ll probably get harder before it gets easier.  

Grassrootsy is interested in knowing what YOU, as a musician, are doing to generate income during these economic times.  Post your comments below (along with your name and website).  The best, most applicable, and practical suggestions will be the content of Wa future post. 

And here are a couple Grassrootsy suggestions…

Offer Incentives for Early Birds
Who wants to pay $10 for live music if they can pay $8, huh? When people know they can save money, they will…especially when its on something arbitrary like music.  Work out something through P’. For anyone who buys advance tickets, they can get into the show for a fraction of the price. If they wait last-minute, they’ll have to pay the full price at the door.

Collaborate With Your Venue
Talk with the store owner.  Ask if he would be willing to give attendees a 10% or 15% discount off their appetizer (or entree) if they buy a ticket to the show.  This won’t always work but it just might. 

Take Advantage of “Package Deals” 
Good friends, The Kings of Tragedy always try to do this.  If they are playing a show with another artist, they offer the audience a 2 CD deal. If you buy the CDs individually, they are $10 each. If you buy them together, you get both for $15.  So each artist will get $7.50 for their CD instead of ten, but you are guaranteed to sell more and get your music out to more people….ultimately making more money that night than you would have.  Some artists like the idea. Some don’t.

Gotta spend money to make it.  Check out the More Clever Merch Ideas post for some great ideas.

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